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While Shalini showered, Sarad made them a couple of fruit and rum flavored drinks. He showed the note to Shalini as she came out of the shower, wiping her hair as rivulets of water still clung to her nipples. Mention baseball if you think we should make an excuse then leave.

I mean, what if Nitesh and Avani are super hot? With some reluctance, Sarad agreed with his partner and they took a short nap before dressing and wandering over to the mystery villa. Shalini wore a lightweight cotton shift, shunning a bra and opting for the skimpiest thong she owned. Sarad donned a pair of drawstring pants and a sleeveless black T that clung to his well sculpted torso.

The young couple was impressed with Villa It was almost three times the size of their own, with white stucco walls rising up to a red tiled roof, that spoke of airy and restrained elegance. A lush hedge of iridescent bougainvillea separated the beach from the back yard, and as they walked toward their destination. The hedge was quite thick, but occasionally there were slight breaks that allowed a view into the yard. Upon hearing some muffled laughter emanating from beyond the foliage, they stopped and peeked through one of the gaps.

What they saw were not a couple of decrepit octogenarians rolling around Wife swapping for sex in Bur Said wheel chairs.

Between the villa and Shalini and Sarad was a big swimming pool, and between the pool and the hedge was some overstuffed sectional-style furniture covered with white vinyl. But that was not what caught their attention. It was the man Wife swapping for sex in Bur Said woman using the furniture as a stage for the performance they were unknowingly giving the spying couple. This had to be Avani, and she Wife swapping for sex in Bur Said totally nude.

She was stretched out face down on the top edge of the couch. Her rear was directly over the back end; her right foot was tucked in under her, hooked onto the arm of the couch. Her left leg extended down to the grass next to the couch. Her hands reached out in front of her head, displaying her well-tanned and muscular back and flanks. Her jet-black hair was long and glossy, and hung down toward the ground completely obscuring her Wife swapping for sex in Bur Said. Overall, she was obviously tall, trim, strong, and totally exposed.

Before he could answer her, a naked man strolled into view and knelt down next to Avani but closer to the pool, putting Avani between himself and the spying couple behind the hedge. But Shalini could see for herself. Nitesh, Shalini was sure it was Nitesh, inched Wife swapping for sex in Bur Said forward, and the tip of his pulsing cock pointed straight ahead like a missile in search of its target.

Joe pulled the head around behind him and held the nozzle with his right hand resting under his ass. It was a little hard to see, but Shalini and Sarad could easily imagine where the jet of water was being trained: In this fashion, the spray was simultaneously stimulating her distended clit and splattering onto his balls as well as the sensitive underside of his cock.

As he began to rock back and forth on his feet, his cock plunged deeply into her cunt and then out. The spray of water shot up and around his cock, and formed a kind of misty fountain of steaming spray. The couple fornicating with the hose reached simultaneous climaxes in only a few minutes, and at that point, they began to bounce and shimmy around, accompanied by their loud moans and grunts. Their athleticism was evident as their water-slickened muscles rippled and sparkled in the sunlight.

Avani reached down to grab her knees and Wife swapping for sex in Bur Said her haunches up toward her head on either side of the couch just as Nitesh pumped a couple of spurts into her, dropping the hose to the ground in the process.

Sarad and Shalini could see the wide pink head lying at the base of her spine, as several more thick gobs of cum surged out into the small of her back. Then he gripped her slippery ass cheeks and squeezed them inward, forming an enclosure through which he slid his diminishing erection a few times before pulling it out all the way. Avani was laughing lewdly when she slid off the back of the couch onto the cushions, and Nitesh tumbled forward into her arms.

Both disappeared from view of the other couple. The hose continued to splatter the wet vinyl and the couple now rolling about on the grassy lawn.

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A desi couple on vacation in Goa receive an invitation to join another couple. he said. “How about 'baseball?'” Shalini asked. “You like the game. Sarad didn' t answer at first, bur sent his hand under Shalini's dress in. Like a good Indian wife, I very rarely have the courage to disobey him. . In my drunken state, I heard Sanjay say in a rather loud voice, "Kavita, I can't leave now . We were slightly mismatched as couple both in our age and sometimes in our understanding. He them told me to sleep on the bed with my boobs facing the bed. . Boy 2 to boy 1:ab Mey ab iss raand Ki chut mey gaand louda daalunga tu.