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Send feedback to the mods. Interested in doing an AMA? Know someone who is? Non-OC picture posts are only allowed on weekends. Winter Landscape with Bird Trap. Where was your school located? Since yer flair just says EU, your statement is a tad confusing I can probably list everyone from my year in school who was a virgin at 16 on one hand Its wasnt the virgins choice to still be virgins at 16, they just couldnt get anyone to have sex with them.

Wouldn't surprise me if it's the same here to be honest, or much else in Europe or the U. Someone in my Catholic school gave birth by the age of 15 - I don't know how it has changed by my experience is that the younger generation are far more boring and sensible than we were. The UK has horrible and elective, in some places? That's what I heard, at least. Sex ed that is both high quality and compulsory is necessary if you want to fix teen pregnancy rates.

They were aware completely of what they were doing. They just didn't care, such is the life of teens. When I went to school there was a rumour that in some other school is a gril that got pregnant. I'm talking about HS, we were 18 yo. But I'm from a pretty conservative town, so it might not be very representative for Poland.

They were bad, bad girls from the class for troubled teens. I was dropped out of that school after 8th grade though, and hence I have no idea what happened to them. Just seen them once hanging on the block with kiddos, that's it. If they keep the tradition, there is a chance that at the age Steal my virginity in Trondheim 42 they became a great-grandmother.

It's an eastern european regional thing. Although Steal my virginity in Trondheim people here are quite aware Steal my virginity in Trondheim they're doing so teeneage pregnancy rates Steal my virginity in Trondheim not that high.

With the exception of the gypsies of course. A rich culture that promotes leaving school early to give birth to as many children as possible starting as early asno work for women, no work for men either anyway since they all leave leave school early, living on financial aid while hating the country that gives you the money so you can eat, oh and crimes like stealing and mugging are not even considered real crimes.

A new law had to be cerated like a year ago in Hungary that if both partners are below 14 the age of consent is 12 or something like that to adress the problem.

This paper aims to raise awareness on the topic and demonstrate that child and early marriages must be addressed in a comprehensive manner, taking into account the specific situations that exist as well as the historic and socio-economic factors contributing to this practice and its perpetuation.

Google suggests that this Steal my virginity in Trondheim is not an anomaly and it's around the same in pretty much all of Europe. The Moscow Times is actually fairly reputable. It's not state-run, last I heard it was a project done at least partially by a big newspaper company from The Netherlands.

I also can't help but wonder how they stack up to the rest of the world. While I personally didn't get laid until college, I knew lots of people who were 15 years old and already getting some. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement Steal my virginity in Trondheim Privacy Policy.

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Want to add to the discussion? What are you saying? I don't understand you. Wasn't it the virgins choice to lose their virginity? That's what I heard, at least They even made tv shows to educate kids about sex, since the schools weren't doing that. Good luck with finding a virgin of that age. Two girls from my class gave a birth at the age of Maybe we should ask them to join EU. I probably care less about Russia than you think. What do you know about The news in your country.


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