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Log in or Sign up. Dictionary and thread title search: Previous Thread Next Thread. I want to know what Sluty women here in Lance the difference between these vulgar words: Northwest South Carolina U. Bitch is a nasty, unpleasant, contentious woman, any woman you don't like or feel threatened by, or any woman at all for rappers A whore technically takes money for sex; a slut just sleeps around, although the line Sluty women here in Lance these two is somewhat blurred.

When you're insulting someone, you don't always strive for the utmost accuracy! Although the blurred line of these words, thanks a lot for you accurate answer, K. Last edited by a moderator: I agree Sluty women here in Lance elwopper I think the same because another thing Bitch referring to a woman, does not necessarily imply sexual activity, but often only unpleasantness and Sluty women here in Lance towards others, that I thought was covered by zorrawhich is almost a literal translation.

It is sometimes heard in everyday speech, especially in a derogatory sense for a professional prostitute which political correctness now terms sex worker but mostly for an allegedly wanton or promiscuous amateur. Generally, the equivalent of puta. The English word has currently considerable vogue amongst Black Americans where it has been reduced to 'ho' plural hoes? Golfa, unmentioned thus far, would be Prostitute in El Cayo synonym.

Slut seems to have been taken over by the pornographic industry with the meaning of a very active and highly experimental female sexual partner guarrabut originally, it means a woman who neglects the house and herself and at least to me conjures up a picture of a woman in a scruffy dressing gown and fluffy bedroom slippers with her hair in curlers, a cigarette dangling from her mouth, sitting idly, listening to pop songs on the radio, in a filthy kitchen full of unwashed crockery and and unironed clothes.

Intimate contact with the milkman may also be involved. ArriusJan 30, Outsider Senior Member Portuguese Portugal. One thing Sluty women here in Lance never quite understood is to what extent the word "bitch" has the connotation of "prostitute".

Because of expressions like "son of a bitch" versus "hijo de puta" in Spanish and other Romance languages, for a long time I thought that "bitch" was generally well translated as "puta". Yet some native speakers have vehemently denied to me that "bitch" means "puta". Still, I would like some more opinions. What does everybody think? Were the natives who told me this right, or were they perhaps unconsciously being a tad euphemistic?

My question was inspired by a recent thread in the English Only forumbut I thought it was best suited for a bilingual forum. OutsiderApr 29, Spain, Madrid Belgium - Dutch, English. I would say bitch is the same as puta in some contexts, for example when talking about a teacher, "that bitch gave us another assignment", "la puta esa nos ha dado otro trabajo".

In that context it has no sexual connotation. With sexual connotation, however, a bitch can be a woman that's somewhat slutty, cheap, and mean to the people around her. In this way, a son Sluty women here in Lance a bitch is just like in Spanish "un hijo de puta". Cracker JackApr 29, In AE bitch sometimes is used in a non-pejorative way to mean chingona.

This may be a compliment especially if used by one woman with another. In the AE black culture bitch can mean "girlfriend" non-pejorative. However, it may be worth pointing out that that son of a bitch is used frequently in the USA but seldom in the UK.

Sluty women here in Lance common is it in the States that it is often abbreviated to S. It has never been part of my own vocabulary however annoyed I get. There are plenty of British equivalents. Strangely enough, in the very American lyrics Sluty women here in Lance Bernstein's "West Side Story" the term is applied to a female. I suppose that whereas hija de puta is easily said when angry Girl fucked in Sunchon etc.

My father is a bastard, My ma's an S. My grandpa's always plastered, My grandma pushes tea. My sister wears a mustache, My brother wears a dress. Goodness gracious, that's why I'm a mess! ArriusApr 29, I myself have very little experience Married female wanting black male in Macedonia the British English; all my statements are based on AE.

However, the reason why in Spanish you can say hija de puta is because in Spanish you have gender, in English we just have arbitrary words that through conditioning may have acquired a gender-slanted meaning. That's why for us it would sound weird to say daughter of a bitch. But that at the side. I agree that S. As far as I know, in Spanish the latter isn't applied. I don't Sluty women here in Lance you would ever refer to a woman as an SOB.

Also, note that there is a lot of gender-bending in those lyrics. Thank you all very much for your replies. OutsiderMay 1, There are two other words you can use to say whore in spanish: To made all this clear or obscure, Sluty women here in Lance knows BB Member Washingto, D.

I Sluty women here in Lance that rappers use "bitch" to describe a girlfriend. It still not appropriate for a man to say that to woman and a sign of disrespectful. BBJun 14, Of course "bitch" is a sign of disrespect. To some, it sounds downright comical. It is seldom used as an insult--more frequently, it is used simply in reference to a prostitute.

I've rarely heard someone say "that girl is a hooker" in order to insult a girl's promiscuity; far more common is use of the phrase "whore".

She's gotten with every guy in town. Pero no tiene nada que ver con promiscuidad sino estupidez o un comportamiento malvado. ArriusAug 14, Most of what I read above is on point accurate. But here's a little more clarification Bitch can be used in a generic sense among men to refer to a woman. Man, check those bitches girls out, they look good.

I need a bitch woman, girlfriend on the side. See that bitch girl over there? I hooked up with her last week. Let's go look at some bitches girls in the strip club. And if a woman hears any of this, she will be offended. A slut is a Sluty women here in Lance who sleeps around a lot, for free. It's used in a derogative sense. Women may playfully call each other sluts, but as a guy, forget it, you can't do the same.

She's such a slut, she's slept with half the football team. You don't want to date her, she's a slut. A whore charges for sex. However, you can also use this in place of slut, which is the most common usage. Although technically this is a synonym for hooker, you don't hear it used much in that context. She's such a whore, she's slept with half the football team.

You don't want to date her, she's a whore. Hooker is the most common word to refer to a prostitute. Hookers are also refered to as working girls.

Instead of asking you if you want sex, many hookers will Sluty women here in Lance you if want a date. You can find a bunch of hookers working the block on 12th street. You want a date? If you get caught with a hooker they'll put your picture in the paper and on the news. This actually happens in some US cities About S. B - I've Sluty women here in Lance heard it used to refer to a woman here in the US.

It would sound weird. That SOB really pisses me off.


Much has been written at identifying slut tells in women. but give a woman this same freedom and she fully embraces the .. For some reason many of women on here are trying to help many Lance. Offline. Great to hear your sister isn't a slut. The one that transcends her gender's slutty disposition. whore slut because in Spanish all of them are traduced like "PUTA". Bitch is a nasty, unpleasant, contentious woman, any woman you don't like or feel . http:// About S.O.B - I' ve never heard it used to refer to a woman here in the US. Welcome to this hot porn video named Slut Who Delivered Movies To Me + pissed Down Me. DrTuber is the best place for watching xxx movies.