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August 14, by CH. The story is herein all its lurid, coalburning detail. No matter what you tell yourself or others, the deepest recesses of your hindbrain will twitch in revolt.

And by cheated, I mean she triple lindied into a Rwandan pre-machete spree pep rally and had her clam shucked and pried by a diorama of dark continent dick. Pics and video and insta-taunting tell the tale. Witness born for those who want to insist race-crossing sluts are all low class land whales. A man shames not just himself, but his male ancestors and male descendants, the whole lineage in a straight line from past to present to future, when he defends the honor of a dishonorable slattern.

He betrays his close kin and extended race. He surrenders his dignity. He prostrates himself for a pence of peripatetic pussy. He is the human equivalent of shit speckle on a public toilet seat. I could carve a better man out of a banana. Her… not so much. But that is stain for another day. Post-cock rationalizations always carry a whiff of desperate image consultancy. Where was her father in all this?

Has he self-delivered in the aftermath, or did he essentially self-deliver from raising his daughter long ago? Will Sluty women here in Farm show his face in public again? Is this escapist self-annihilation — by both white father and white daughter — the new growth of an invasive society species that chokes to memetic death the value of fathers and the forward-thinking modesty of daughters?

The less judgmental among you could argue she and her pitifully loyal white knight lapdog and Sluty women here in Farm father are sick in the head and deserve compassion. But I tend to another hypothesis: What we see happening around us is the symptom of a society that has relinquished all Sluty women here in Farm over female sexual prerogatives. Female sexuality, when left unattended and free to do as it pleases, often travels into very dark and depraved cul de sacs, and can circle there for generations, creating a vortex that sucks in all civilized life to a pathetic and predictable doom.

Worse, this removal of restrictions on female sexuality has been accompanied by a perverse reaction in the opposite Sluty women here in Farm to confound men about the true reproductive nature of women. We see rising lockstep with rank sluts a hapless loser beta peasant class who are so ignorant of the masculine behaviors and vibe women crave that they meander helplessly through a sexual market minefield, bouncing bettys bouncing them from one bloody heartache to another.

And so what we have here is what you see with this particular beta male… a stockholm syndrome-type of pathological clinginess that feeds on a feared lifelong incelibacy and is conditioned by this fear to rush to the defense of manipulative psychocunts who play ping pong with his blue balls while joyously gobbling the knobs of hooting ferals who live and die on liberating instinct. I have lain with many good girls, and have nothing but the fondest memories of memories made and memories in Sluty women here in Farm. But that is a non sequitur.

We have only our life experiences, anecdotes, and coldly sterile data to consult for answers. Which normally is enough for examination of routine human behavior, but never is when we put the microscope to the monstrous vitals of the lust-fueled id. On the life experience and anecdote metrics, these sordid self-debasements of the slut-proud social media class seem to be increasing in frequency and dramatic flourish.

Girls raging gleefully at the dying light of patriarchal civilization; men raging impotently at the dying loins of their once virile majesty. And bless their ladylike hearts for feeling the need to attempt the camouflage to appease my masculine prerogative. Data-wise, the evidence is murkier. GSS self-report surveys hint at a sexual cocooning strangely at odds with the growing Sluty women here in Farm of Facebooked frolicking.

If true, it perhaps suggests Sluty women here in Farm a hidden chasteness than a bifurcation in the sexual market, split between evangelical virgins and blue city girls gone wild. The current CDC data veer more toward affirming the anecdotal, but there too the pussy picture is unclear.

Age of first sexual intercourse is up, but rates of throat and anal cancers in younger women are up as well. It might explain a lot. It is as if two worlds — Sluty women here in Farm a last stand by a besieged former empire, the other a new world Sluty women here in Farm where chaos reigns supreme — are in our day locked in a death Sluty women here in Farm for preeminence. And here we are, living it in technicolor splendor. Yes, reports tell of a past America that was better.

Not better in every way, but better in the ways that mattered. And yes, I will admit to some giddy despair over the dissolution of a nation that no longer lays claim to my heart. The slut is a useful tool. Great fun, great sex, horrible long-term investment.

A girl who surrenders her every orifice to a pack of howlhounds live-streaming for a studio audience the slow flaying of her soul will become the woman no worthy man will think twice about marrying. Her humiliation, so abject and complete and perfunctorily recorded for posterity, though for now she only feels it in fleeting sensations on the back of her neck late at night through the self-medicating haze delivered in warm liquid doses by her muscly rationalization hamsterwill render her utterly unmarriageable to Sluty women here in Farm vast majority of quality men with options.

This stone cold reality will make her life incalculably harder, and wrest an incalculable torrent of tears from her mother and an incalculable Sluty women here in Farm of emotional withdrawal from her father.

A merciful god would find some way to attenuate their torment. God helps those who help themselves. If by chance some cleansing… salvation… were to befall the family, it would serve a valuable lesson for the others. A failure to complete this job discredits him as a father like few other failures can. This is the normal state of affairs, and shame and guilt have evolved to ensure that civilized fathers and daughters comport themselves in line with the prevailing social norms.

Le Chateau stands a citadel against the alien revocation of these timeless forces of civilization, and for that we Sluty women here in Farm despised by the wayward and wanton.

More deserving enemies we could not pray for. Like Liked by 1 person. All of you mysoginists who would not forgive your girlfriend just because she had a bit of fun with African Americans are racist. Show nothing to them…. Especially one you were intimate with. An ex girlfriend you dump and never talk to again will still think about you for years. I bumped into an ex BPD bitch Sluty women here in Farm dated for a while not long ago at the gas station after 2 years of total blackout.

She cried and ran out. If you want a girl to feel like a piece of trash that she is…give absolutely nothing. If you can do this, not putting up with anything in the future is a piece of cake. He just snapped back to alpha mode when he saw her garglin some dudes DNA. He broke up with her months ago.

He abolutely demolished her. They are now Zacarias Moussaoui, anyone? My first impression [when I saw the thread, before I scrolled down and saw the horrifying conclusion of it all] was that she was in vastly better shape than he. Also being Sicilian I am very surprised her father did not kill her for this and for the fact she was dating the oreo beta.

Egyptians are more or less the descendants of the ancient Egyptians. The rest of North Africa is a mix of Berber, Arab, and sub-Saharan African, so by the one-drop rule, Sluty women here in Farm, they are negro, lzozlzozlz. And if he kissed her after her beastiality session, then he sucked kneega dik by proxy!!

Unless the chick is a virgin of course. Boyfriend is not white — just a light Cameroon dating scammer South American. Girlfriend is mixed race looking; white Italian with a grandpa or ma was probably a brownie. Italian women and their genetic cousins in America are the miscegenetic trash of European genes.

Guaranteed, all the traits you think are predominantly displayed by Italian women. Italian women are animals, kept only in check by having their ass kicked by their boyfriends, brothers and fathers. Once those Italian men stop beating Italian women, the women miss it and run off to get rammed by Sluty women here in Farm nearest feral men in the vicinity.

Why do you think Rome fell? During Pax Romana, Roman men relaxed and started to treat their women kindly. Less than a century later Rome was crumbling on every front. Italy has bred a weak branch of European white people ever since. In the Middle and Renaissance ages the boot was constantly plundered: Italian women were bred like dogs by foreign conquerors. Their genetics were altered so that they came to love tough, violent foreigners.

When they all began to immigrate to America they brought that same miscegenetic gene strain over here. Why do you think Italians were abhorred by late 19th, 20th century American men? Any surprise why organize crime in America flourished once the Italians showed up? Once the Italian men began to become beta-ized by American culture, their women began to fuck around with the biggest thugs in the neighbourhood.

In the 40s, 50s, and early 60s that was usually Irish men. After the American Irish lost their nutsacks, that miscegeny turned to the American Negro. You can guarantee that the first group of white women to begin interracial Sluty women here in Farm on a wide scale had a good dose of Italian genes in their pool.

Italian descended women are overrepresented in porno, and most of them do interracial scenes with no qualms. If you have the stomach Sluty women here in Farm it, go ahead and find an Interracial gangbang video.

This slut is the end result of that. Look at her olive complexion and big nose.


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