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Are you interested in profound questions for the Dalai Sexy locals in Quellon, worshipping rats, Rules of the Road and camel spit in India, sunrise and sunset over the ocean in the same place, covered in milk and sliding down the road, what's at 54 degrees south, weddings on the road, glaciers calving, dentists from a nightmare, Virtually Apoplectic Blokes, scrummy comestibles, retreaded sprockets, Bollywood, punk monks, sweating in India and freezing in Ushuaia, and much more?

Quiz Quotable Quotes Your Privacy. Don't forget, every newsletter is permanently archived online. It's spring in England. Our daffodils are out, the next door neighbours' kids are screaming in the yard and the other neighbour is cutting his lawn. I'd cut ours, but I kind of like the wild, out in the bush feeling. It's like skiers putting their head in the freezer in the fall to get the feeling of the coming snow And of course, in spring, we restless spirits get even more restless!

We've got a full slate of stories this month, guaranteed to add to that restless feeling, to encourage you and us! I want to thank all the volunteers that help out on the website, especially the new volunteers for the Bulletin Board!

I'm sure everybody appreciates your contributions to the motorcycle travellers' community. We're updating the look of the website, inline with more extensive internal modifications that will make it easier for us to maintain the future.

Any comments on the new look, navigation etc. This is a free service for travellers everywhere, both on the road and temporarily;- off. Your support is appreciated! I hear last months Cold Flame Rally in Oz was a great event. Too bad you missed it We were the first ones to arrive at the site about 5 pm. We built a house and settled down to a few ales. Saturday Sexy locals in Quellon few started to arrive after lunch and dribbled in till dark. We had most of the OARs in our camp and managed to bat on till late, I think a good time was had by all Those who couldn't make it I hope this let's you know what you missed.

Plan where to Sexy locals in Quellon when! If you know of any events of interest to travellers, send me a note. Contact Bernd if you want to go. Meeting point is the market square of Cassel, Across Europe to a BnB in Neum near Dubrovnikfrom there explore fantastic Adriatic coast and the remote inland mountain trails of central Bosnia I went last year on an R80GS Basic.

Contact me for further details. IronButt event - A chance to achieve your choice Kilometers, miles or Kilometers certificates. Fast Truck for carrying camp gear Let's make Deadhorse Northern end of the road like the annual Ushuaia Southern end of the road Christmas gathering.

If you are going to Deadhorse inco-ordinate it on the Bulletin Board with other like minded folks with common interests in the land of the Midnight Sun. There are at least a Sexy locals in Quellon dozen riders already committed to being there - how about you? Helmut Haus, Cape Rd. Great rally, well worth going! If you are interested, there will be a rider limit, so it pays to Sexy locals in Quellon your name on the list. KLR and related models Mailing List.

The Travel Insurance Agency. A host of volunteers - 'People en route willing to help! There are many "Helpful People" listed on the Links page, a huge thanks to all of them. Or just join a Communityor start your own!

Do you know of a good shop "on the road," Sexy locals in Quellon other words somewhere there isn't a number of shops? USA, Canada, Europe etc. We're Sexy locals in Quellon for those rare items, good repair shops Sexy locals in Quellon South America, Africa and Asia etc.

I will create a web page for them eventually. Tech tips and bits Submit your tips and questions hereanything goes! Got a great idea for travellers, found a new solution to Sexy locals in Quellon problem?

If you're having a problem, just askthere's a lot of people with a ton of experience out there to help. I've made contact with some of the people we were looking for last month, thanks! If you know any of them, please send in full names and e-mail addresses would be much appreciated! Sometimes there is a problem with an e-mail address - it's not that I'm deliberately ignoring you!

I have been unable to reply to the following, as the address they gave me bounces. If anyone knows them please let them know the problem:. Please supply another e-mail address by resubscribing at the Subscribe Form. Chris Smith cjsmith gtonline. I am now in LA and my ridding buddy had to cancel the trip. Now I am looking for a riding partner to try to leave around the 17th of March. Please let me know if you know of anyone that Sexy locals in Quellon be interested.

My plan is to do part enduro since I will be ravelling on a KLR Thank you and Best Regards, Fabian " I haven't heard if he has found anyone, so if you're interested, or on his route, say hi! Otherwise both Iran and India are cool. Rear view mirrors on cars are often missing or turned inward, which is allowed because no one uses them.

A right turn signal on the vehicle in front of you can mean 'Pass me,' 'I am going to Sexy locals in Quellon a right turn', or 'I do Sexy locals in Quellon know my blinker is on. A vehicle honking its horn behind you might mean 'I want to pass you, move over,' 'I am coming through town,' or 'Do you like how loud my horn is? The driver of a vehicle entering your lane from either the left or right side will not look before Sexy locals in Quellon in front of you.

And finally, if you are involved in an accident with an India vehicle, animal, person, you the foreigner are the cause. Unfortunately I find this is often the case in the third world generally.

For that matter, judging by the directions I've received on occasion in Sexy locals in Quellon so-called "civilised" world It took us 7 hours to get our bike out of customs and by then I was screaming and yelling for my citizens rights. Go up the stairs and ask to speak Sexy locals in Quellon the "Gerente" or Manager. Currently his name is Doctor Corral. Explain your intentions and have him start the procedure.

Otherwise you will fall in the hands of Sexy locals in Quellon series of young ladies asking for the "triptico" Carnet and then you are screwed. By popular demand, there is now a Shipping page on the site. It can be reached directly or from the Shipping link on the Trip Planning page. This is a compilation of information from e-mails to us, scattered throughout the newsletter issues, and the bulletin board on shipping air or sea between continents.

It includes stories about 'bad' experiences as well as good ones. A big thanks to all those who have submitted this information, and a request. Can you please look at your item s and check it, and send us any missing information. Also, if anyone has more recent information on any location than what is on the page, please let us know.

If you have any information to contribute, there is a form at the bottom of the page which you can submit and we will put it on the page. As you all know only too well, this information is critical for those of you who are on the road searching for a shipper, so please provide local contact details and price, as well as whether you were happy with the service and would recommend them to your fellow travellers.

Japanese motorcyclists are working to get the ban repealed with a petition. You can sign it too! There is an English version here. Deadline is April 15, E-mail Chris Lockwood if you have trouble. Check out the listing before you start! If anyone has any information please let us know. When you cross ANY border, take some notes, and pass them on to us. Eventually we would like to have information for all the borders of the world posted on the website to help you, and other travellers.

Wouldn't YOU like to know all about the border you're approaching - what it should cost, paperwork required, "tips" needed, and who to talk to etc.? Just send in whatever you can as you go. A letter arrived in Birmingham, England, addressed to B. Motorcycles, Armoury Road, Small Heath. This was in Sexy locals in Quellon late 80's It was postmarked 'Argentina' and was taken to a local museum, where it was opened.


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