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We begin converging from various points — Michigan, Florida and the Bay area. Great clouds outside and Prostitute in Varzea Grande long wait inside. This is a very long day for most of us.

On the plane and heading south, way south for our long flight. We go from this day into the next. Land at Sao Paulo. City of 20 million, supposedly the largest in Western Hemisphere even bigger than Mexico City.

However I went to Prostitute in Varzea Grande The airport is crowded, everything takes a long time but we do manage to get on our flight to Cuiba. No one knows what time Prostitute in Varzea Grande is. At Campo Grande for quick stop then fly directly north right over the Pantanal to Cuiba we land at 11ish. Whoops we lost another hour. Prostitute in Varzea Grande this all the Prostitute in Varzea Grande we have?

Cuiba has K but we only see Varzea Grande where the airport is and Paulo lives. Many colors of people here. Brazil encouraged immigration about 20 yrs ago and the pop.

Mango trees everywhere and just getting ripe. Heading toward Pecone, a village about 60 miles away. The soil is too poor for growing crops because it lacks nutrients and is full of iron but perfect for native vegetation. Paulo claims it is the same size as the continental US. However I checked that out. In they started building the Transpantaneira Highway to connect the beef-growing region to the southern market.

When they divided the Province into 2 inthey stopped building it half way. So now Prostitute in Varzea Grande remains the Transpantaneira Cul-de-Sac. MG is number one in soy, cows and cotton. We get to Pocone, the last village along the route. Celebrating years where did they get that number? Began as gold mining and they brought slaves in to work the claims. We saw some current mine tailings. Only the first of several of this kind of eating establishments we shall visit.

Beef, pork, chicken etc cut for us right at the table. Cashews trees leaden with fruit in the backyard. We ate cashew apple for dessert. Transpantaneira Highway is dirt with 40 bridges only 2 are concrete. The highway is built above the field level because of seasonal flooding during the wet season Nov — March.

Stop for Brazilian teals, red-crested cardinals, bl-collared hawk, fork-tailed flycatcher, white headed marsh tyrant, limpkins who like to eat the flat snails. Photo-op at entrance sign, we take our group photo early! Silver beaked tanagers, caimens. Zebu cattle, water buffalo! They were introduced into the United States as early as Recent molecular genetic as well Prostitute in Varzea Grande archaeological evidences Hanotte et al. Zebu are known to be better than the Humpless cattle in regulating body temperature hence lower body water requirements.

Their hardened hooves and lighter bones enable them to endure long migrations. These adaptive attributes have facilitated their importation and spread by Indian and Arabian merchants across the Red Sea to drier agro-ecological regions of the Horn of Africa Loftus and Cunningham, Zebus, like European domestic cattle, are descended from the aurochs. The earliest bones found with typical Zebu characteristics date back to the third millenium BC.

It appears that they were developed in the Middle East soon after cattle were domesticated. Their area of distribution subsequently extended from China to West Africa. Zebus are adapted to tropical and sub-tropical conditions. For this reason they are now kept in similar regions of America. We take our first stroll. I get the scope out and non-birders are starting to get hooked. Capybara is Prostitute in Varzea Grande largest rodent in the world — to Prostitute in Varzea Grande Light is fading, sun has set 5: Snail kites, muscovy and more marsh deer.

After blessed showers we meet for dinner at That is followed by an official beginning and orientation. We have seen a lot and this was one long day……. Paulo and Marques are busy catching piranha to feed the birds and caimans later. Kinda loud in the early am Prostitute in Varzea Grande the dawn bird chorus and humans but Millie sleeps right through it. Saffron finch, yellow billed cardinal, shiny cowbird, giant cowbird, purplish jays, bay winged cowbird, scaled dove, great white egret Louisa and white necked heron, southern crested cara cara, black vultures, many welfare caimans.

Off on our boat trip all in one boat. Life jackets for all. Fiddler crab holes in bank. We feed several black collared hawks with silver fish with Hyacinth stems through the gills for added weight. Our boat operator is Prostitute in Varzea Grande little fishwho will serenade us later.

The temperature is perfect, light breeze, the world is right. We motor very slowly down river. Anhinga AKA snake birdsgray necked wood rail skulking along the shore, well seen sun bittern, Ringed, green and Amazon Kingfisher, Purplish jays, savannah hawk with very long legs, greater black hawk not interested in our fishGreen ibis, greater and lesser kiskadee onomapoetic.

Nice stop at a colony of yellow rumped cacique nests. Silver beaked tanagers wow! We passed the Hotel Santa Teresa where we were supposed to stay. Now the hyacinth is stating to get pretty thick, we back up and take a running start to plow right through it. Though this is native to the area it still can be a pain. This plant is considered to be one of the worst escaped, introduced plants on the earth.

The fast-growing Water Hyacinth soon becomes a noxious weed outside its native habitat. Plants interlock in such a dense mass that a person could walk on a floating mat of them from one bank of a river to the other. The presence of Water Hyacinth disrupts all life on the water. They clog waterways preventing river travel, block irrigation canals, destroy rice fields, ruin fishing grounds. By shading the water, these plants deprived native aquatic plants of sunlight and animals of oxygenated water.

As the mats decay, there is a sharp increase in nutrient levels in the water, which spark off algal growths that further reduces oxygen levels. Water Hyacinths are difficult if not impossible to destroy. In the US, arsenic was used on a large scale which only partially cleared the weeds but poisoned the ecosystem.

Fire and explosives were also attempted, but the plants reproduce rapidly even from the tiniest fragment and simply grew back. The most effective measures are biological controls, hundreds of which have been studied for this purpose. Two weevils, a moth and two types of fungi have been introduced to successfully control the plant.

Other common floating plant is Soldenia which is a fern and really sheds water. The jacana turn it over to look for invertebrates to eat. They can walk right on it hence the other common name for this bird — lily trotter. Many beautiful rufouscent tiger herons in this section. We are finally Prostitute in Varzea Grande the giant river otters are supposed to be but they are not here.

Oh well, later maybe. We sit for a while and learn the origin of the name for the river- Pixiam. Means Prostitute in Varzea Grande Portuguese the curly hair that Africans have. Is there any real women in Hsinchu story involves a long story about a wild cow.

I tell you a few details about the Pantanal and Piranha. The Brazilians were excited about the impending visit by this famous American president. They also knew he liked the thrill of the adventure. So they arranged a spectacular tour of their country through the Amazon rain forest.


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