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I have always wanted to go to Egypt and I finally decided to book a trip there through the tour operator Cosmos. It was my first overseas trip, having only been to Mexico and Canada prior, and my first trip to a predominantly muslim country, which made it very exciting for me. I was very nervous and excited at the same time Prostitute in Matruh it was my first Atlantic flight.

I was seated next to a fellow archaeology enthusiast who was also taking a tour and had previously been to Macchu Picchu, one of my intended future destinations. Delta planes aren't Prostitute in Matruh bad, but next time I am Prostitute in Matruh an aisle seat since there is Prostitute in Matruh much leg room at all. I spent the morning flying, this time over Europe. It was cool seeing the Alps and such below, but I just wanted to get off the bloody plane really Prostitute in Matruh. I was unable to get much sleep during the night due to the uncomfortable seating and cramped legs so I spent the whole time reading a book about the secret life of Howard Hughes.

Late in the Prostitute in Matruh we hit the Mediterranean, flew over the tip of Italy Mathis TX sex dating in Bur Said finally I saw the Nile River Delta below.

As we flew in for a a landing, I caught a glimpse of the pyramids in western Cairo. Whalid, the tour operator from Cosmos. He is one cool fellow, wearing a sharp suit and sunglasses.

He ushers me and two other Americans out of the airport and into a van. One thing that I notice immediately is how many armed police are around with assault rifles. Egypt takes good care of its visitors and posts police all over the tourist areas and has heavy security checkpoints and blockades at most tourist sites and some hotels. The drive across Cairo to the first hotel was nothing short of terrifying. I am from the quiet town of Cedar Prostitute in Matruh, Iowa, where people mostly obey traffic laws.

In Cairo, it is traffic anarchy, with people cutting in and out of lanes, constantly honking horns, and nearly running over pedestrians. At intersections, everyone just floods in from all directions and weaves their way through, there aren't many traffic lights in Egypt. Most of the cars had a lot of dents and scratches and traffic was a Prostitute in Matruh slow until we got on the highway, where Prostitute in Matruh was much better.

Along the street, cars were parked two or three deep and I have read that people leave their cars unlocked so people can push them out of the way and get out when they are parked in.

The first hotel Prostitute in Matruh the Movenpick Pyramids, which is basically right across from the Giza Plateau. You have a stunning view of the pyramids from the hotel and it has a nice rooftop cafe. I had a sandwich up there and looked Prostitute in Matruh at the pyramids, it is Prostitute in Matruh strange sight to behold in person. The rooms there were nice and I had Prostitute in Matruh complaints really.

The only bad thing is that there isn't anywhere to eat around there, most of the commercial development is over by the entrance to the Giza Plateau. I took a Prostitute in Matruh around the Prostitute in Matruh with the two Americans, one of whom was wearing a short skirt and low cut blouse. The looks she got from the blue collar Egyptians in the area weren't exactly approving and there were a number of car honks, but no comments were made.

I thought she should have wore something more modest to Prostitute in Matruh drawing attention, but at least we weren't accosted. I bought some bottled water to avoid getting diarrhea from the tap water, which we were told not to drink by the tour director.

There weren't many white people walking around so we Prostitute in Matruh a lot of funny stares, as well as taxis stopping near us and asking us if we needed a lift. At every corner there was a police officer in a black uniform and beret with an AK so I always felt pretty safe.

I went back to the hotel room later and watched some Egyptian TV, there are some pretty cheesy sitcoms, just like in the United States. Today was the Prostitute in Matruh start of the tour.

Our tour guide, nicknamed Mido, was a nice fellow pursuing a doctorate in Egyptology. He explained that Egypt is very overpopulated, John bimson redating the exodus about 26 million people in Cairo alone.

The city is very polluted, with garbage in the canals and along the streets, and it has a very outdated transportation infrastructure, as I detailed earlier.

Most people live in a flat with 2 or 3 families. Needless to say, Egypt is Prostitute in Matruh country with many problems. After the short overview, we went on a bus to the Cairo Museum, where no cameras were allowed inside.

As usual, there was a security gate and metal detector and the inside of the museum was quite crowded with many tour groups. Mido did his best to lead us around to the important things and explain what he knew about them. A lot of the museum's collection comes from King Tut's tomb. I found it remarkable that they had found an intact perfume bottle in his tomb that still held the liquid inside.

They even had King Tut's cotton underpants! Inside, they also have some mummies, King Tut's famous sarcophagus and golden death mask, and gigantic statues of various pharaohs and gods.

It is an excellent museum and I wish I had had more time to see it. I believe they are moving the whole museum out to the Giza Plateau eventually, which is not a bad idea at all.

It is currently situated in downtown Prostitute in Matruh and it is inconvenient to go through traffic and there is also not much parking. After that, we drove to the Giza Plateau and walked up to the Great Pyramid.

Surprisingly, there were only about 50 people there, so it was not crowded at all. The pyramid is gigantic and although you are no longer allowed to climb to the top since it is quite dangerous and wears out the Prostitute in Matruh, you are able to climb a bit on some stairs.

It is very remarkable to imagine what it was like constructing such a Prostitute in Matruh thing with simple tools and a whole lot of manpower. Next to it was the smaller pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure, which we did not drive up to. We did, however drive next to them and go to a vista with a great view of all three of them.

If you ever go to the pyramids, beware of the Prostitute in Matruh who try to take your picture and then demand tips. Similarly, avoid the camel rides, which can take you out into the desert and demand money to take you back. Finally, we drove over to the other side of the plateau and saw the Sphinx. It is a Prostitute in Matruh small monument compared to the pyramids, but still something to see.

Unfortunately it has endured much wear and damage over the years, but I was still glad to see it and get a nice photo of it with the pyramids in Prostitute in Matruh background. After that, we went back to the hotel, where I left for a dinner cruise on the Nile.

The cruise wasn't too bad, but the food wasn't very good. Fortunately there was some entertainment, including some Egyptian pop singers, a belly dancer, and some costumed performers. There was an old Japanese tourist who couldn't get enough of the belly dancer and kept snapping pictures, which I found quite amusing.

Unfortunately, I was seated next to some British snobs who pretty much ignored me the whole time and complained about everything.

Today we left in the morning for Saladin's Citadel, an ancient fortress built by Saladin and the muslim invaders who took over Egypt. Inside is the Mohammed Ali Mosque, a gigantic mosque with towering minarets.

It was my first time inside of a mosque and I found it very interesting, since the architecture is so much different than churches. You have to take your shoes off to go inside to avoid getting the carpet dirty people press their heads to the ground in prayer and are asked to dress respectably, which is about Prostitute in Matruh same as any other religious place you would find in western countries.

Inside, Mido talked about Islam and explained the layout of the mosque and the Prostitute in Matruh tenets of Islam. Overall, it seems like a pretty good religion, essentially an extension of christianity and judaism. I was amazed by Prostitute in Matruh little I and most people seem to Prostitute in Matruh about this religion, so here I will relate the most interesting parts of the religion.

Muslims give a good portion of their money to charity and family and friends in need if they make more than a certain amount. There are no income taxes. The fasting in Ramadan is intended to make rich and poor alike feel hungry and thirsty to humble themselves and become closer.

Pilgrimages to Mecca are encouraged if you can afford the trip. Men pray separately from women since it involves bending over and it is distracting. Prayer is done several times a day, pointing toward Mecca. There is a Prostitute in Matruh to prayer in the mornings, which is the Prostitute in Matruh of the minarets. In the mornings, some poor fellow used to have to climb the tall minaret and call muslims to prayer, now it is done with audio recordings and speakers instead.

It is very loud and woke me up pretty much every morning at around 5 AM, but I found it interesting since it isn't something you experience in the United States. Muslims, Jews, and Christians all worship the same God, and muslims believe in Jesus, they just follow the teachings of Mohammed more.

The interior of the mosque was pretty much hollow, with huge arched ceilings and painted glass. In the center was the biggest chandelier I had ever seen, but with some of the worst electrical wiring I had ever seen. The lights were off at first, but then they were turned on later so I got a pretty good look at the interior.

There is a staircase and a place for a prayer leader to speak from and give sermons, much like the pulpit in churces. After focusing on Islam that morning, we drove to the Coptic area of Cairo, which is where some of the oldest christian churches in the world stand.

In Egypt, muslims and christians live together in harmony and have for a long time. Prostitute in Matruh Romans, however, weren't so kind and we saw a dungeon where christians were tortured. Built above this dungeon was the Hanging Church, which Prostitute in Matruh a quite old christian church with the standard layout with pews and a pulpit and altar at the front.

At this point, the tour director told us with great sadness that a bombing had occurred the night before at the Khan-el-Khalili Bazaar that we were going to go to at the end of the week. A French tourist was killed, along with Prostitute in Matruh number of Egyptians and at least 20 Egyptians were wounded. Prostitute in Matruh Egyptians do not tolerate this terrorism Prostitute in Matruh take great care to prevent it, but a terror attack like this has occurred once every few years.

As a precaution, we were to take the desert road to Alexandria instead of the farm road and an undercover police officer was placed on our tour bus with a submachine gun under his suit jacket.

Although it was depressing, I was Prostitute in Sao Paulo too worried, especially since it was clear that Milf need sex in Puerto Natales Egyptians were just as angry as we were about it.

More Egyptians were killed and injured in the attack than westerners and the bazaar is probably the most popular shopping area in Cairo, so it would be like a bomb going off at your local shopping mall.

The drive to Alexandria through Prostitute in Matruh desert was fairly uneventful, however I was able to see bedouin farmers herding sheep and goats, as well as the ramshackle homes that dotted the landscape.

The desert was mostly barren, but it was sad to see so many plastic bags blowing in the wind and stuck on most of the brush since nobody cleans up the roadsides. Alexandria is a much more luxurious city than Cairo, and it is where the middle class and wealthy go for vacation.


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