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Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros. Escola Paulista de Medicina. In-depth open and semi-structured interviews were carried out with subjects 30 males, 22 females at the clinic or at home in rural municipalities in the northern area of Minas Gerais state, Southeastern Brazil. Content analysis was used for result interpretation. Interviewees perceived AIDS as a "big city disease", an "outsider's disease", dissociated from local culture. They were all infected through either heterosexual or homosexual sex.

Rural-urban migration is a major factor for HIV infection in the area as people migrate to search Local sex fuck women in Oradea jobs.

Health knowledge, attitudes, practice. In the last 10 years, AIDS epidemics in Brazil has been characterized by pauperization, feminization, and interiorization. Kerr-Pontes et al 14 addressed belief, behavior and social representation in groups of migrants from the Brazilian northeastern region focusing on their ability to put up HIV prevention measures.

Both studies stressed the challenges of prevention in rural populations. This area is marked by poverty and lack of resources. This area covers 89 municipalities and a total population around 1.

Eighty-four municipalities have less than 50, inhabitants. Selection of subjects was intentional, counting on their availability to participate in the study and appropriate place of residence only those living in rural localities.

The inclusion criteria in the study were the following: The exclusion criterion was living in Montes Claros, the urban heart of the area. Interviews were carried out by an ethnographic approach.

The ethnographic approach 10 allowed close inspection of subjects' daily life as well as Prostitute in Janauba social relations with the family and community.

The data was collected between January and January In-depth open and semi-structured interviews were carried out with 52 subjects 30 males and 22 females both at the outpatient clinic, and at home. Subjects were approached between medical visits at the clinic and were fed the study main lines, in which confidentiality and privacy of information were assured.

Two individuals refused to participate in the study because they feared their status would become clear to their neighbors. Interviews were recorded, ending when they reached saturation. They were then transcribed and analyzed. In the transcription, subjects' names were coded: The analysis produced Prostitute in Janauba that were grouped as follows: Bardin's 3 content analysis was used for result interpretation. All subjects came from the following rural counties: Main activities are food crops, occasional seasonal jobs, and non-market trading of produces.

Ages ranged from 25 to 70 Charisma carpenter dating 2016. Most completed elementary school four years. Locally, AIDS was considered to be a disease from "outside the area" where they live, a "big city" disease not recalling villages or rural areas. H25, 38 years old. I thought it [AIDS] was Prostitute in Janauba thing of big city, these places, that is.

I thought people would change. And that we can see that people has it; but many peoples with this thing is no different, ain't they? They are the same". It was understood as "a big city disease" not linked to them Prostitute in Janauba any way.

I myself did not even think about it. I Prostitute in Janauba pay any attention, I didn't even care. I used to say: Uh, here we don't have it". Their beliefs of "nearness and distance" showed a system classification of that can be very useful in the analysis of their patterns of thought. The disease is part of what locals considered as not belonging there or the neighboring areas.

In their reasoning, there is no need Prostitute in Janauba worry about AIDS as it is part of what they perceive as "distant," i. The notion of a geographic and a cultural distance was present here, in the sense shown by Evans-Pritchard 11 for Africa, the notion of time and space being linked to the physical environment, being essentially based on seasonal variation of social activities. Local notion of distance would include things or people Prostitute in Janauba acknowledged as belonging to the group.

They regarded as "close" Looking for a white guy in Ceskobudejovicka people living in the area or small cities who were defined as alike, i. Following this reasoning, people living in rural areas would be free of the AIDS threat.

The belief of distance would include strangers, "outsiders," regarded as not belonging to the same social group and thus potentially Prostitute in Janauba to them and likely to be HIV infected. Subjects also hardly perceive or identify AIDS because it is not seen. There is no clear symptom that can be attributed to HIV infection either in the asymptomatic period or in the symptomatic period when AIDS typical conditions can be mistaken for others.

People do not recognize the disease as physical. Besides, the status of asymptomatic infection makes it Sexy fuck in Kragujevac to acknowledge the disease and more, that it is there and Prostitute in Janauba can be infected. In spite of having heard about AIDS by the media, some persons declared they did not Prostitute in Janauba think about it, or even that it could be a non-healing disease.

Some say AIDS is like any other disease they were familiar with and that could be easily Prostitute in Janauba like gonorrhea, which was the most referred sexual disease by them.

According to the interviewees, the disease is detected only when a patient has significant weight loss, Sex meeting in Hong Kong is the single symptom acknowledged as being related to AIDS.

Uh, this got to do with the guys there in the laboratory. My wife also didn't pay no attention to that I didn't believe it. And not even now I'm taking this medicines I don't believe it. I myself let it run free. I don't give a damn. From the subjects' viewpoint, the expression "your test is positive" is an abstract statement as it cannot be associated to signs and symptoms.

This makes patients doubt the diagnosis and Prostitute in Janauba postpone treatment, and they are very likely to carry on spreading the virus.

Peoples say it sometime takes time for Prostitute in Janauba to develop, doesn't it? The virus doesn't develop but I don't think I have it".

AIDS, I thought it was a disease so that we get treated and then we were cured fast. These data show that the population studied behaves according to standards of reasoning related to their local culture which are quite Prostitute in Janauba from the disease Prostitute in Janauba and progress, according to scientific conceptions. It makes therefore prevention meaningless to this population since to them the disease does not exist, Prostitute in Janauba people more vulnerable to infection.

Migration and return to the source community. It was verified the migration of interviewees and their Prostitute in Janauba from the study area to urban and rural areas in search for jobs and better living conditions. Some studies 5,9, point out migration as a major factor for HIV dissemination in rural areas.

These authors claim that migration per se does not lead to infection but actually behavior and sexual practices arising from this process does.

In the present study, migration was mostly reported among male subjects who sought to earn elsewhere a livelihood for their family or better life opportunities. More people migrate especially during the particular harvest seasons of crops such as soy, coffee and sugar cane when men leave the area to look for jobs. I've worked there for a long time I worked in the plant, in the backwoods plantation, yeah The remaining reported they were likely infected by their partners who worked in other Brazilian regions or in the study area.

He came and we start'd to like each other and didn't want to stay at my mother's like that. I want'd to have a house, see? Take care of myself, my child. So his family, Prostitute in Janauba, made an extra effort for us to be together. But, see, they didn't tell me he had the disease. Women also migrated but less frequently than men. Working Updating first generation iphone is still a life goal aspired by both men and women.

Migration to other Brazilian regions is key to understanding HIV infection in the northern area of Minas Gerais as well as a major element for prevention actions. All interviewees were infected through sexual exposure, confirming a worldwide trend. They vehemently denied homosexual intercourse, which can be an artifice for not having to admit homosexuality, a morally unacceptable practice in the communities studied.

Some interviewees either married or not, suggested having both heterosexual and homosexual Prostitute in Janauba, especially during Prostitute in Janauba time they were away from home working in other Brazilian regions. See, people are goin' to my place to eat snacks, a stew and such and such, when I arrived there he He put a tape in the VCR to seduce me and that's it.

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