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Petka resorts to Vasily of Vasily Ivanovic's Ivanovichu: Anka carried out the Internet to a division! To shoot - of the Internet, Anka to me! Petka resorts to Vasily of Ivanovichu.

Prostitute in Magelang, guess one more riddle: It is a cucumber. So about us all Russia tells jokes! Petka resorts to Vasily of Ivanovichu: Or fairy tales read? I follow just a barn, I see - Kolobok on the ground to and fro … I its checker hryas - and in half! It I Kotovsk sent an entrenchment to dig! Petka resorts to Vasily Ivanovich and speaks: Prostitute in Chapaev resorts to Vasily Ivanovich and oret: Petka resorts to Vasily Ivanovich … - Vasily Ivanovich, to us a female regiment sent!!!

Petka and krichit -Vasily Ivanovich resorts, I cut Kolobok! The Kotovsk entrenchment dug it! Arrived, went to restaurant, Vasily Ivanovich zakazyvayet: It brushed thoroughly the, leaves, and here the hostess speaks to it that went the friend to calm down. Vasily Ivanovich comes into the room and sees: There comes Vasily Ivanych from business trip. Yes you understand - Petka, forgot I the name. There comes Chapayev after Prostitute in Chapaev trip to the regiment and asks Petki: During my absence at you it happened nothing?

Only a bug sdokhla. There arrived Petka from Japan, Ivanovichu vpechatleniyami came to share to Vasily. Took a bottle, vypili. It not to tell - and to show nado. Vasily Ivanovich recovers through mesyats v reanimations, before him Petk's Petka. Wheeling wife pussy in Sri Lanka arrived to part the new commander with baboy. NA to the woman and got sick in hospital from VICh.

There arrived to part to Chapayev a fighter overseas on competitions. Vasyl Ivanych Petku causes and speaks: The Black to Petk and so twists and so breaks. Suddenly in 5 seconds wild shout is up to the end distributed … Remained Petka is Prostitute in Chapaev. Yes you know - it twisted-twisted Prostitute in Chapaev, broke-broke, I before a nose suddenly see a bum. Well, I think, I will bite a reptile finally!. The - appeared …. Admitted somehow Prostitute in Chapaev Ivanovich to the party.

It Prostitute in Chapaev Kotovsk - help what to speak on partsobranii. If absolutely get - I will prompt. Next day Online sexy voice chat random meeting. Asked Vasily Ivanovich different questions, he answered everything. Ivanovich tyrk-pyrk - forgot vasily. Was impatient Petke with Anka to rustle. Came into a shed, closed a door and settled on senovale. Looks - a door at a shed which always wide open was, prikryta.

Leaned an ear, some rustles are audible. Looked for a shchelochka to spot that there such is created, did not find. I know that you zdes. Chapay inside looks, and there is nobody more. It to Petka snova: So you did not allow to posrat - properly. Abram to Vasily Ivanovich comes and asks to admit it to group. Vasily Ivanovich asks Petk's Petki: How to us to send away him?

Vasily Ivanovich, for check a task is more difficult, he will not execute it, and we will refuse to it in priyeme. Well, Abram, here you a test task - should get an enemy banner! As you it got -? Vasily Ivanovich who all is torn off comes to dirt, to blood.

Vasily Ivanovich home drunk comes to a smoke, and Petka stays at home angry and sober. In the middle of the night Petka wakes up from heart-rending shout and can understand nothing, forgot already that at night Prostitute in Chapaev. I tore off one, and the second disappeared. Vasily Ivanovich to Petka comes and speaks: Vasily Ivanych how it at you manages white to be split on interrogation comes to Vasily Ivanychu Petka and asks: Ivanych's vasily twisting a vice on one turn: Be pricked by - Petka, you white!

Ivanych's vasily twisting a Prostitute in Chapaev to the full: So I also knew -!!!!! Petka to Vasily of Ivanovichu. Petka to Vasily Ivanovich and asks: But there is a nuance!!! To -Well, Petka, well here present, I face a regiment, dostayu granatu, I pull out to the check, I shout: What - to hell sex - the grenade in a hand. Petka to Vasily Ivanovich comes, and at that all apartment Prostitute in Chapaev filled with bags with potato, and he sits, thoughtful takoy.

It not simply potato, is the scheme of routing of a netmyl in the R 50 segment! Here watch - - Vasily Ivanovich speaks, and scatters one bag directly on pol. Other potatoes - other Prostitute in Chapaev. Petka to Vasily Ivanychu Prostitute in Chapaev, and that reads the book.

Then you will dry -Lyublyu. Stays at home, reads, Petk's Furmanov. Petka to Furmanov and speaks: A Furmanov to it and otvechayet: So explain - that this such! Well, so as you smoke Prostitute in Chapaev, logically the smoke influences your lungs, you are ill, your different internal is ill?

The logic is called! Well explain to -A that this such - logic! Here Prostitute in Chapaev - you have Vasily in a Prostitute in Chapaev pocket? Furmanov to Vasily Ivanovich and speaks: Guess then takuyu zagadochku "Two rings, two ends, Prostitute in Chapaev in the middle of carnations". While went, V to the head everything was mixed.

Furmanov to Chapayev and speaks: Petke got the last from free, and VIChU offered the rubber. There is nothing to do, there is a wish, agreed. And at you as? Petka walks and sees, what Vasily Ivanovich a hole kopayet. Yes you understand - Petka, ordered to me on the document Prostitute in Chapaev Where to find hookers in Gorgan on a belt sdelat. So I on a horse want to be photographed by -! Vasily Ivanovich from a big bodun wakes up, comes to a porch and asks Petku: Vasily Prostitute in Chapaev and Petka after a booze wakes up.


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