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We are dedicated to fanning them with facts. Truth will empower Haitians. If you need a connection he can be reached at: Does the Internal Revenue Service know you are trying to generate funds for some sort of church operation?? Is this one of those 3 ploys where someone in Haiti appeals to American charity and then uses the money to build that beach house you mention on the sex site?

This will replace the one you describe that was close to the collapsed Caribbean Market. This is the link shown in the picture, if you wish to venture to see it- Be warned- it is vulgar http: I know this mans and where to locate his person.

His action necessitates a visitation. I will Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien his message. Perhaps I can have some of those I am dealing with look into the person and his business operations. I feel sorry for the poor Haitian girls who must play this game, in order to survive. But guys like Melton make me embarrassed to admit I am American. He boasts of personal friendships with some high level Preval people.

I am sure that they are thrilled to be mentioned by an American pimp as one of their intimate Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien. I never expected to see anal sex on your site and must now wonder whether Melton is the giver, or the recipient.

Design Engineer, years of technical experience, and over 10 yesrs in agriculture, security, and technician for HASCO, the now defunked sugar company in Haiti. Skills are gained on hands which is the real world. Very few things in a book explain the real conditions in the world of technology or agriculture. Describe the benefits of working with others My experience working with the Haitian people both at a field and factory level as well as management has given me an oversight of the Haitian workers that is very valuable.

Ony in a design mode do I feel there is an advantage at working Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien and you still need input from others to design a proper and useful system What was your worst working experience? Working for a supervisor that only wanted a yes man and refused to listen to the facts. Something must be done to stop these predators. If he was dealing with underage people he would be jailed.

As it is, he will just be reviled. I came back to see if my comment was deleted by the administrator, but there are so many more here now-You may have some friends melton, but it sounds like you might now have some people angry at you. What a horrible feeling to not know who is aware of your acts……. Think of that while you sleep with wife 5 in your arms, and you advertise our daughters for sex.

The only economy that this man is supporting is his own. Yes, the girls there Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien some money too, but he is damaging Haiti more than helping the 20 girls make some money. The ones with the interest in paying for sex benefit more from this than anything- They get what they want, and to invite people to a Nation that is in such distress to have sex with young Haitians for their own retirement money. If he was Haitian, that would be one thing.

He was once married to a Dominican lady, but he is an American. He is not even Haitian, and he is selling our daughters for sex. Please get the facts straight and ask Melton yourself. A friend of mine did and it seems that things are not as you make them out to be. Maybe my friend is right, maybe wrong.

I have been told that Mr. Good journalism means getting the facts, all the facts, and then reporting on them. Does Melton deal with hookers? Does he get a percentage of their earnings? If not, it is not pimping. Is he running a charity as implied? Are immediate threats against him tolerated on this site? Just asking, after all, the name of the site is Haitian truth.

Immediately after the earthquake, Melton was on his sex forum, using his personal email address and full name to generate donation money. That is clearly in his writings. He clearly states his full name and e-mail address for sending paypal payments to. He is advertising graphic sexual imagery of Haitian girls as a lure to stay in his hotel.

There are hundreds of references to this in the online forum linked in the article. Immediate threats are far Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien tolerated. I do not see any direct threats made in any comments, although one of them does pose a few interesting questions about the psychological pressures that one must feel when their private life is no longer private.

Not a single person implied any harm to him or his person at all. If anyone does make threats, they will be removed. The site administrator has made that clear in many other comments on other posts here. For your information Jack, the facts posted are his own words, and those of his clients that use his hotel.

It is all there to see, if you take the time to actually read it. Sometimes you will meet that special girl and you will give her whatever you want. I can accept this. I do not like the guys coming in and having a different girl every night and giving them way too much because that does spoil them. However, I do tell the girls that come to the mansion that they are not to argue with the guy even if Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien is cheap. Just let me know and I will remember him in the future and pass off the girls that should go cheap.

I tell them if they want to continue coming to the Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien, do not rock the boat. As there will be be good and bad just like there are girls that are good and bad. At this point, I know of at least 3 girls are either married or about to get married. And remember one Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien. Just because a girl was selling sex before does not mean they cannot settle down Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien become a one man girl just like a monger that can settle down and become a one girl man.

I mean it is not like any of us are virgins. I still think that you should contact Mr. Melton and get his side of the story. That is only proper journalism, something which is in short supply in Haiti save for a few exceptions. I have already looked at the site thanks to your pointing it out. I understand that his hotel is for men who want to meet girls but he has nothing to do with them beyond letting them on the premises.

The transactions are left between the girl and the American. Of course, if Mr. Melton is getting a cut from this, let him hang, but is he? We are in a gray area here but one which is familiar throughout the Third World and, indeed, throughout history: Pattaya, Thailand and Sosua, Dominican Republic come to mind as examples that site you refer to seems to have a lot of information about those places.

Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien Haiti any different? The solution, of course, is to improve the appalling living conditions in Haiti though that will be a long time, if ever, in ever happening. If living conditions in Thailand and the Dominican Republic are far better than Haiti, and yet this situation exists there and not stamped out Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien, what can you expect in desperate Haiti? I am not advocating making Haiti a giant Pattaya as a solution but am only trying to understand the phenomenon and making comparisons with other places in the Third World.

However, the question was whether Mr. Nowhere on that site have I found evidence of that. Perhaps you have read through it all too much for me and have found such evidence though I doubt it. I challenge you to come up with a passage in which it is clear Melton gets a cut of the earnings of the girls or that he keeps a stable of girls on the premises.

He is more like the owner of a hotel like they reportedly have in Brazil, Thailand, etc. They make the money off renting the room while the hookers get their money directly from the johns. It is a symbiotic relationship however sordid it might be. In view of this fact, he should not be called a pimp. There is enough violence there as it is. You should too before you embarrass yourself and waste more time typing the long winded, weak defenses, while giving yourself away.

I can get a map of Haiti and can include this into the pics. We had already started that with our new pricing structure before the quake. Even though it is a little farther from the airport, traffic is not a problem and most of the road to our house has been newly constructed and they are working on the remainder.

We have done a little trolling and are amazed at the babes that live in the nearby village. We can go 20 minutes to St Marc which is known for its hot babes. Many men traveling to Cap Haitian stop off in St Marc for a night of fun and games. Some people may think this is a horrible time for mongering in Haiti but keep in mind, the Petite girl wanted for sex in Cap-Haitien need us more than ever now.


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