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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Telecommunication for Managers December 5, Project Team: Jonathan Kisor has 20 plus years of experience in the financial industry. He has a Bachelor's degree in computer science from Baylor University and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in information systems. Marcus enjoys playing bass guitar in his free Network updating proposal. He is also interested in photography, and he enjoys cycling and playing ultimate Frisbee and racquetball.

He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Technology from Network updating proposal Texas College and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in information systems. Juan enjoys playing guitar in his free time. He is main interest is Graphic Design, and he enjoys the outdoors Hunting and fishing. JWD Security Policy ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Network Cost of Ownership ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Appendices Team Contract …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… The current network supports email, basic Internet access, and a Network updating proposal specialized medical software tools.

Users have complained about occasional downtime and slow response times when accessing the network, especially at peak access times. At a minimum, JWD wishes to correct these issues through an upgrade to their system, but Network updating proposal is also looking to be able to improve productivity and increase security of the confidential data sent over their network. The current hardware used throughout the network was purchased over a long period of time and uses many different technologies.

The new basic physical network architecture will require several upgrades in hardware that address these incompatibilities and older technologies. The result will be higher speeds, more reliability, and easier maintenance of network components. The upgraded hardware will use up-to-date, compatible technologies that will greatly facilitate troubleshooting and maintenance as well Network updating proposal resolve the slow access times that are currently being reported. In addition to updating the hardware, the proposed solution outlines some changes in the network configuration.

These changes, if implemented, will provide greater reliability and security for all users of the JWD network. Along with the new hardware, the new network configuration will open the door for JWD Network updating proposal explore new possibilities in using the network to increase Network updating proposal productivity and, in the end, better serve the needs of their patients.

The solution outlined below will provide the greatest benefit possible for JWD--meeting all of their current needs and providing for future expansion--at the lowest cost possible. The hospital is interested in Network updating proposal its network system in its facility.

The hospital network carries critical patient care data in real time from both a mainframe host and several servers to workstations in operating rooms, doctors offices, the billing office, teaching labs, and remote clinics across the region. Of course, all of the data transferred is highly confidential and must not be lost or accessed by unauthorized personnel. One aspect of this regulation addresses the security and privacy of medical records, including those stored or transmitted electronically.

The hospital employs data encryption and email protection as a means of protecting confidential patient information. JWD has four small remote clinics. The building has four floors with wiring closets per floor. The hospital is aggressively expanding its clinic and alternative emergency room. Due to population growth in Network updating proposal, plans to enlarge the hospital building are also under way. The hospital is doing fairly well financially. It wants to selectively deploy cutting-edge technology for better patient care and high productivity.

Management is tired of network downtime and slowness affecting patient care. The staff members have frequently complained about slow response times. There appears to be severe congestion of the LAN, especially at peak hours. The hospital would like to upgrade the WAN infrastructure to provide sufficient bandwidth between the remote clinics and headquarters at the same time.

The applications that the organization is currently running include standard office applications, plus some Network updating proposal medical tools running over IP. JWD radiology, oncology, and other departments do medical imaging.

As these departments acquire new tools, they are adding real-time motion to highly detailed medical images, requiring large amounts of bandwidth. Many lack uninterrupted power supplies or proper environmental controls.

Network manageability is important because JWD has a tradition of basing operations on small support staffs with high productivity. They comply with various Network updating proposal, depending on when they were purchased.

Network updating proposal, the network is configured as follows: Fifty of these workstations serve as training computers in medical school classrooms. Twenty workstations are used in operating rooms to perform imaging and for data access in real time. The remaining workstations are used by administrative staff.

In the few instances where switches are not used, hubs serve smaller workgroups of administrative and physician staff. The one router uses static routing that was configured Network updating proposal a previous network designer.

Critical points of failure will be identified and redundancy will be implemented to provide fault tolerance. Additionally, a breach in security could potentially cost Network updating proposal in lawsuits.

The hardware purchased with this proposed upgrade will facilitate incremental expansion of the network as demand increases. It will also help reduce the costs of the next upgrade several years in the future. JWD will be able to process more records and accomplish more work with fewer staff. Much less time will be spent waiting on the network.

Median time of 3. Managed switches provide all of the features of an unmanaged switch and provide the ability to configure, manage, and monitor your LAN. The entire network needs to be redesigned because there is no redundancy. Included in the Network updating proposal fix Network updating proposal placement of the servers that will be implemented and Network updating proposal identification of the single point's failure in order to find solutions to eliminate them.

The upgrade of the WAN links is essential because, Network updating proposal to the company, the current bandwidth seems insufficient.

The WAN uses kbps links to two of the remote clinics and Network updating proposal connectivity to the other two. Furthermore, the hospital is using a new medical imaging application that takes a lot of Network updating proposal. The 50 workstations connected to the five-shared servers that serve as training to medical school need to have an isolated VLAN in order to prevent unauthorized data access by medical student from the main server.

There should be a firewall in between the router that connects to the four remote clinics in order to prevent unauthorized access from outside JWD. Accomplishment of the goal will be the redesign of the hospital LAN and the upgrade of the WAN links, the creation of an isolated VLAN for the Medical School students, patients, and visitors; and superior firewall protection. As part of our upgrade recommendation, the Network updating proposal of the physical and logical design and specifications for the network is shown on a diagram, which also includes these modifications.

A security evaluation attained to determine the security of the network, incorporate toward the establishment of a new JWD network security policy that takes into account the network upgrade, and follow HIPAA standards. The estimate for implementation of the network upgrades per recommendation will incur a cost of less than nine hundred thousand dollars to JWD Hospital. Our belief, with the new network upgrades, JWD will achieve its goal of modernizing its technological resources.

In this diagram, the team had identified critical points of failure. The JWD network administrator must take precautionary measures and pay NICs, hard disks, cabling, memory regular, close attention to systems and networks to protect them such as: This redundancy solution will prevent the network system down due to a single switch failure. The trunk ports of the switch are specifically used for backbone connection between switches.

Upon replacement there would ideally be two T3's from different providers bundled together for ease of use by a router using EtherChannel or a similar protocol. For example the telephone company would provide the T3 and the cable company would provide the secondary circuit Internet Gateway The internet gateway would need to be duplicated.

If all three items email, VPN, and online medical searches are housed on the gateway Private online free sex chat ipod would be best to duplicate these on the second gateway. The connection from the server to the 50 There should be an isolated VLAN to prevent the students to access patient records. Firewall is set up to prevent unauthorized access outside from the hospital and encrypts traffic between the sites.

In the main floor of the building, the mainframe and the five servers are in place. The mainframe connects to the five servers. The managed switches from the different floors then connect to the mainframe.

Please see the figure below. Managed switches give more control over LAN traffic and offer advanced features to control that traffic. It provides the ability to configure, manage, and monitor LAN and this gives greater control over how data travels over the network and who has access to it. In addition, managed switches Network updating proposal protocols such as the Simple Network Management Protocol, or what we call SNMP, for Network updating proposal the devices on the network.

SNMP is a Network updating proposal that facilitates the exchange of management information between network devices. SNMP queries can determine the Network updating proposal of the network or the status of a particular device. By displaying this data in an easily understood format, IT managers located at a central site can monitor the performance of the network and quickly detect and repair network problems without having to physically interact with the switch.

The sole purpose of this router is to manage the VLAN of Medical School in order to prevent Network updating proposal students from accessing the critical information of the hospital such as patient information. These are companies that provide access to the Internet. The principal goal is to provide best practices information on Network updating proposal and implementing secure networks.

This architecture uses a modular approach. Network updating proposal modularity built into the architecture allows flexibility in network design and facilitates implementation and troubleshooting.

Cisco SAFE Architecture takes a defense -in-depth approach, in which multiple layers of protection are strategically located throughout the network. These layers are under Network updating proposal strategy for protecting the entire network and the various components of the network, including individual network segments, infrastructure devices, network services, endpoints, and applications.

The logical network topology for JWD is divided into three functional areas also called modulesas illustrated in the logical design below. Each of this functional areas contains network modules, which in turn can include the core, Network updating proposal, and access layer functionality.


After combining generic Siamese network training, Siamese region proposal, and domain specific updating, the proposed tracker obtains. Update Policy A key factor in the path decision process is the accuracy of the proposal in the literature proposing a complete network structure addressing. rent network should be addressed in the proposal for a network upgrade. When the site .. responsible for updates, warranties, and maintaining the equipment.