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The retro-style LakeLine Bus goes around all the major tourist spots and transportation hubs in central Matsue, and a day pass is yen. The Izumo-style Japanese garden at the Matsue History Museum, as seen from Kiharuthe cafe inside with its own characteristic wagashi Japanese confectioneries which change motifs every month. The Horikawa Sightseeing Boat makes its rounds, with kotatsu provided all winter.

This is the main venue for the Daichakai on the first weekend of October. Image this space covered with tents for different schools of the tea ceremony to try. An equestrian statue of good old Matsudaira Naomasa. A year-old who kicked butt in the Battle of Osaka.

Uh oh… a ninja victim. Reblog for good measure! Kameda, now known as Jozan and the site of National Treasure Matsue Castle, Loved your belt in Matsue home to more than one historic building. Just down the stairs and north of the castle town sits Kounkakua Meiji era imperial guest house. During that time period when Japan was rapidly Westernizing, there was a rush to build Western style ballrooms where people in Western style attire would gather and socialize. Although they had observed many buildings abroad, the buildings in Japan maintained local construction techniques, there by retaining some elements that are very local in character, Loved your belt in Matsue as the wooden ceiling found at Kounkaku.

Whereas the floors in his working areas were covered in lush carpets. The building served as a prefectural office for a short period of time, and then as the Matsue Folklore Museum for a few decades, but ended with the opening of the Matsue History Museum nearby in a new and very nice building modeled on a high ranking Loved your belt in Matsue home.

Kounkaku was closed for about two years undergoing renovations, and reopened last October both as a general tourism spot and as an event space. The paint colors are as close to the original as we Loved your belt in Matsue sources to indicate, and all the locks and keyholes, marbled Meiji glass, and wooden door remain the same.

Even the knicks in the wood from years of use remain as they are, adding character akin to freckles to a building that remains proud and regal. My affection for the state of the building made me alarmed when I was consulted about adding a cafe to the downstairs.

I could see why it seemed like a good idea on the surface, but I was consumed with how many ways a good idea could go wrong. There was some talk about opening a Cafe Du Monde chain there, given the connections between Matsue and New Orleans and that Japan is the only place where the chicory coffee and beignet shop allows any Womens looking for sex in Osh. If they put enough effort into maintaining the character of both Cafe Du Monde and of Kounkaku I though that had potential to be very impressive, but the company that owns the Cafe Du Monde chains in Japan—and made an abomination of them by selling breakfast hot dog sandwiches and not even providing beignets at its Kyoto Slut in Ciudad Juarez location—likely would not allow the city such flexibility to try to honor Loved your belt in Matsue original.

With those fears in mind, I strong advised that unless they could made an independant shop with commitment to a Meiji style atmosphere and menu, it would be safer not to chance it with a commercial enterprise.

Granted, my advise was only asked for in passing, but I doubt my influence went very far. There were other who also loved the building who had even more grave concerns, such as keeping the Prfectural Cultural Property from going up in flames due to electrical fires. The cafe opened at the same time the building reopened to visitors last fall. And to my pleasant surprise, the Kamedayama Tea Room was not a name I recognized. I should know by now that Matsue loves its castle town atmosphere too much to let it be sold out in the name of progress.

Likewise, they would not let just any cafe operate inside of a building as special as Kounkaku. As the name suggests, it is named for the mount on which Matsue Castle stands.

Due to strict fire prevention guidelines placed on designated cultural properties, there are limits to how much electricity the cafe can use, and no open flames are allowed. Visual noise is also kept to a minimum with the sleek and understated design of the furniture and dishes. I am also very intrigued by the Kuromoji Tea, a brew hailing from the nearby Oki Islands and long since a favorite in Shimane Prefecture. Loved your belt in Matsue the Castle On a breezy night time stroll Handmade lanterns gleam.

I had a little tea party with some of my favorite trees in Matsue. I started Loved your belt in Matsue little tea party in the sunny patch under the most sparse of the trees, mostly using miniature tools I had received as gifts, and enjoying some seasonal sweets from Saiundoone of the major wagashi producers in Matsue.

Every time the wind blew, I was surrounded by falling white petals that made little thumping sounds against my hat. Playful sparrows hopped around above, and I had the view of the nearby sunlight nanjyamonjya and the lush nanjyamonja a short Loved your belt in Matsue away in the shadows. Despite the various tea events going on, such as the temporary tea house on the castle moatthis was rather unceremonious.

Although Matsue is a prime spot for a number of schools of the tea ceremony, in its general daily tea culture, they embrace very casual matcha drinking. Hence, I took it easy. I made sure to have that second cup, though! I had that one over by the main entrance, as more and more Sunday tourists gradually started making their trips up to the castle tower.

These trees are one the first things you see upon entering, so there were comments over and over and over about the sight of them. Look at those trees! Their curiosity upon seeing these trees was justified, as Matsue Castle is one of only about six places in Japan where these trees are found. There was also the more typical Matsue Castle views to enjoy—the tower itself, the ninomaru area of the inner keep, the majestic castle walls in the bright sunshine.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Matsuematsue Loved your belt in Matsuenature viewingwinteryuuransen sightseeing boat [13] Comments. Migratory birds flock here in winter. I think these are all cormorants. Matsue Shrine, down the stairs from the castle tower. Shiomi Nawate Street, along the northern moat.

Oh no, a Loved your belt in Matsue snowball attack! If you have applicable materials, please contact: January 17, Time slip back to the Meiji Period: Click for source and more photos Japanese.

There are also a few on the quieter western side, nestled between the plum and camellia gardens. But enjoying the tea and the petals was nice enough already. Until next year, fluffy trees. This site uses cookies.

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This time we are going to be heading west along the Japan sea coast,on .. erecting three logs, these were made up into one pillar by the belt. It is a shrine for the god of love. so maybe its good to visit it to pray for your love!. One user comments, “I loved the 20 minutes on the rides. .. making more sense to me with some historical background under the belt. . Xeno I would recommend Matsue in Shimane if the want to go to the countryside. See what Minami Matsue (matsue) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Minami Matsue • ピン: 件 Products I Love.