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Oh crap, it happened again. Just yesterday, Cambodian police announced that they are searching for a 48 year-old British man in connection with the presumed murder of a Cambodian woman. The details of this particular incident may be revolting, but sadly, the report of a Westerner being implicated in a crime in Cambodia is no longer surprising at all.

Cambodia now welcomes over four million foreign tourists annually — six times as many tourists as it received just ten years ago. Thanks to a rising Thai baht and some cockblocking visa restrictions implemented across the border in Thailand, the number of expatriates moving to Cambodia has also swelled in recent years. Unfortunately, while the quantity of foreigners in Cambodia continues to multiply, the quality of foreigners visiting and moving to Cambodia appears to have declined.

Hardly a day goes by now without a sensational article in the local press about a Western lowlife engaging in some embarrassing or criminal behavior that seems to cast all foreign visitors to Cambodia in a negative light. You never see local newspaper photos of a crazy foreign woman setting fire to her apartment building while wearing only a Speedo. Foreign men in Cambodia do that. You rarely see foreign women driving drunk and killing Khmers or hopping around ancient temples with their peckers hanging out.

As far as I know, Cambodian police have never arrested any Western women for stealing cars, dealing drugs, raping masseuses, robbing banks, sodomizing beggar kids, cutting off the thumbs of local thieves, or wrapping their dead roommates in tarp and sleeping with their decomposing bodies.

Western men in Cambodia get arrested for that stuff. Am I suggesting that foreign women in Cambodia are perfect? They are sometimes seen plodding around in ill-fitting backpacker garb and trying to pay riel for a tuk tuk ride.

But by and large and I do mean largethe foreign women you meet in Cambodia are decent, law-abiding people who are here to do something positive with their lives.

A foreign woman who moves to Cambodia almost always does so for a noble purpose, like working, volunteering, or supporting her man. Do you know what else foreign women almost never do in Cambodia? Am I suggesting that every foreign man in Cambodia is a sexually deviantalcoholic jailbird who will inevitably harm himself or someone else with his disgusting and dangerous behavior? No, not every one. There are so many undesirable foreign dudes menacing Cambodia now that the Cambodian government should really do something to solve this problem.

Here are 7 ways it could do so:. Starting immediately, entry visas should be totally Looking for a white guy in Cambodia. Hear me out on this.

This male-female visitor ratio is unnatural. This prevents the place from turning into an undesirable nightly sausagefest. Doubling visa fees for men and eliminating fees for women will generate substantially more revenue for Cambodia, because there are more male visitors than females. The change would have absolutely no financial impact on all the normal male-female couples who visit Cambodia as legitimate tourists.

What about the cost of extending an ordinary business visa to remain in Cambodia for a full year? This would help attract desirable female expatriates, while simultaneously deterring immigration from a less desirable, oversaturated group i. Cambodia would never implement deliberately discriminatory visa fees based on gender.

Cambodia already imposes weird age restrictions and financial requirements on foreign men who wish to marry Cambodian women; discriminatory rules that are not imposed against foreign women who wish to marry Cambodian men.

Raising visa fees for foreign men would be a simple and effective way for Cambodia to increase revenue by tens of millions of dollars and control immigration from a particular, problematic subset of foreign visitors that Cambodian law already discriminates against.

Many of the foreign men in Cambodia support themselves by teaching English to Cambodian children. Disturbingly, there have been numerous incidents of Western men getting jobs as teachers in Cambodia even though they have prior records in their home countries of sex crimes against children.

One American serial pedophile told the FBI that he came to Cambodia specifically because it was an easy place for a convicted sex offender to find work as a teacher. The only surefire way to protect Cambodian children is to ban foreign men from teaching them at all.

Children are loud, annoying, germ rockets who are best cared for by women anyway. When foreigners do bad things to Cambodians, the Cambodian government usually responds with a sweeping ban of whatever activity led to the abuse.

When news broke of abusive marriages between Korean men and Cambodian women, Cambodia simply banned Korean men from marrying its women. When Malaysian employers mistreated some Cambodian maids, Cambodia banned Malaysian recruiters from hiring more maids.

Following reports of child trafficking, Cambodia banned foreigners from adopting Cambodian children. I realize that most foreign male teachers in Cambodia are not rapists or child molesters. But there have been enough horrific reports of sexual abuse of Cambodian children by Looking for a white guy in Cambodia male teachers that ban-happy Cambodia should just forbid foreign men from teaching kids.

Only give long term visas to foreigners with jobs, businesses, or spouses in Cambodia. For the first quarter century following the fall of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia had no reason to restrict immigration from Western visitors, because no Westerner in his Looking for a white guy in Cambodia mind wanted to move here.

Times have changed though. The standard of living in Cambodia has improved in recent years, while economic conditions in some Western countries have significantly deteriorated.

Many Western men now view Cambodia as a desirable place to live. Unfortunately, Cambodia still lets absolutely any Westerner stay in the country forever, even if he is unemployed, homelessand begging on the Looking for a white guy in Cambodia. Shockingly, Cambodia even lets Western pedophiles remain in the country after they have committed sex crimes against Cambodian children, leading to their subsequent arrests for abusing Cambodian children again and again and again.

Send the undesirable Western dudes packing for the Philippines. No Cambodian immigration officer has ever asked me a single question. No customs officer has ever searched my bag. Cambodia Looking for a white guy in Cambodia put on a show at the airport to make foreign dudes believe they have arrived in a country with competent law enforcement that pays attention to what visitors do here.

As passengers exit the plane, women and couples should be sent to the normal immigration line. I sometimes get questioned and treated like a sex tourist by U.

How will Cambodian immigration officers decide which foreign men to interrogate? Guys wearing tank tops. Guys who look like Steve Buscemi. Sex tourists are like cockroaches. They hate sunlight, both Prostitute in Sendai and figuratively.

Shine a light on their Looking for a white guy in Cambodia by asking them questions on arrival and looking through all their luggage. The foreigners who commit sex crimes in Cambodia are invariably found in possession of kiddie porndildoshandcuffsRohypnoland other creepy shit. This may make him less likely to misbehave during his trip.

Cambodians are naturally inquisitive people. Anything illegal you find, you can keep. Cambodia has seen an influx of dodgy African males during the last decade, from lovely places like NigeriaSierra LeoneGhanaGuineaand Cameroon. Do you know why so many African dudes are moving to Cambodia?

Because virtually no other country will let them in. African men probably behave even worse in Cambodia than Western men. Sure, they may not be accomplished sex criminals, but the Africans in Cambodia have shown a strong aptitude for drug traffickingfraudrobberyand the occasional kidnap and murder.

I propose the following solution. Cambodia is usually ranked about th, ahead of only the most screwed up countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Cambodian immigration officials should just look at that report every year and draw a big red line right under Cambodia. Anybody from a country listed below Cambodia should be denied a visa on arrival.

Lao law similarly prohibits sexual contact between foreigners and Sex chat room in Paraguari nationals if they are not married. Do some people break those laws? Forbidden sex is totally hot. But these laws are still a major disincentive to bottomfeeding sex tourists, who always prefer the path of least pussy resistance.

Vietnam and Laos both have Looking for a white guy in Cambodia weather, cheap beer, and beautiful women. Yet, thanks to these laws, they are not overrun with sex-crazed Western men like parts of Cambodia and Thailand.

Cambodian law already restricts marriage between foreign men and local women, so why not announce a few new laws restricting sex and cohabitation as Whores in Serbia Even if the laws prove impossible to enforce, their mere existence may slow down the tide of horny foreign men parading nightly between Street and Street Nothing will scare Looking for a white guy in Cambodia the junkies and sex tourists like a nice, loud civil Connectingsingles dating club and then a decade of U.

All you need is enough violence and unrest for the U. Foreign Office to advise against travel to Cambodia. As soon as that happens, British travel insurance will be Looking for a white guy in Cambodia in Cambodia. This is important, because British tourists never go anywhere without travel insurance.

Few things terrify a Welshman more than the thought of having to spend his own money to see a doctor. Trust me, if a few bombs go off and the Foreign Office blacklists Cambodia, virtually all of the shirtless Brits in Sihanoukville will quickly Looking for a white guy in Cambodia to Bognor Regis. And when the British government advises against travel to Cambodia, the U. Soon the sleazy French, the kinky Germans, and the drunken Australians will all disappear Looking for a white guy in Cambodia. Gavinmac is a foreign dude who spends far too much time in Cambodia.

But than again, it would also affect the GOOD men that do travel there. I resent being grouped together with the scumbags you describe here just for being a foreign man who lives in Cambodia. You have no crime statistics to back up your claims, and you could have done the same piece about any country in the world basically. I agree with many of the points yeah, made as a joke, or maybe notbut you have to maintain perspective. The tone of the article, by use of negative space, paints Cambodia and Khmers as some kind of innocent, decent society, being fouled by the worst of the west.

I think there are plenty of Khmers who can compete for the lowlife scum title just fine.


I know man over 50 can not marry a Cambodian woman, and that is not 30's is not falling in love with a white guy in his 50's for his looks. It was OK for asian women to marry a white guy (or a white guy to marry Asian men fail to meet the standard while Asian women manage to. And the first 30 minutes of our time in Phnom Penh pretty much girls throwing themselves at the old, white men looking for “boom boom”.