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We recently took a survey in our forum, Esfinges members replied. The aim was to find out more about our membership as a fairly representative sample of women in HEMA. And to build a picture of the female practitioner:. She has been practicing HEMA for one to three years, primarily studying longsword. She considers herself a beginner and has no instructor experience. She has never entered a tournament. There are members in her club, of which are female. The average class size is people, of which are women.

She likes being a part of Esfinges for a variety of reasons, most of all to meet new people and make friends. Link to original note.

Esfinges spotted the original in the AMHE bulletin. Link to original article. Rebecca is conducting a survey on HEMA practitioners, please follow this link participate. Such a hit would discourage many. How does this happen? Is there something wrong with my brain, or is it something more instinctual, a thirst for violence that seems to be inherent in humanity since the dawn of time?

How do I go from the girl who stood in the far corner to avoid being hit during dodgeball to someone totally willing to hit and be hit by weapons which, in their purest form, are designed to kill? My mistake was assuming that HEMA clubs were only something you could find in Europe, so I never tried looking as hard as I should have done. For the uninitiated, the abbreviation stands for Historical European Martial Arts.

Our main weapon is the historically-based longsword, which is wielded with two hands some also train one armed weapons like messer, saber, and sword and buckler, but the longsword forms the basis of our training ; we compete in a round instead of on a piste because our footwork is non-linear, and there is more emphasis on power generation through hip movement.

Oh — Couple looking for sex tonight in Miaoli instead of all white, our jackets and knickers come in black. Why—if you must choose—do HEMA instead of modern fencing? It turns out, however, that my classmates are correct. If my technique is good enough and I admit that as a new student my technique has a long way to gothe rest will follow. Not dying is also a relatively acceptable goal for the newer students like myself for each class.

More than a couple have nursed broken fingers; other injuries are less common but not unheard of — up to and including knocks on the head. After all, I have to learn how to be hit before I can be unafraid enough to be aggressive myself. The jump from sword collecting to sword fighting is a relatively easy one to make: I have these gorgeous objects, and now I want to know Couple looking for sex tonight in Miaoli to use them.

The fights themselves might not be as graceful to outsiders as those of Inigo Montoya or Rob Roy, but as I see it, anyway, knowing how to live to fight another day has a glamor of its own. In her day job she is a freelance sportswriter, concentrating mostly on baseball. They are simply in the way for two handed weapon systems. The crappy plastic chest protectors make it worse. Leaving your make-up on for a training session: Looking awesome in full sparring gear. Looking not so good after taking it off.

Picture by Urszula Michalska. Miniskirts and shorts are so much less fun if you Couple looking for sex tonight in Miaoli like a leopard in them.

And you starting to fear for your life. As a child I liked to watch the knights in cartoon series. I wanted to study swordplay to learn being brave and keeping calm when facing difficulties.

I live in Miaoli, a medium sized town at the West coast of Taiwan, one hour by train from Taichung in the centre, and 1. It was like discovering a hidden treasure. That was in I used the videos to teach myself foot work, movements and postures. Now I also train with friends at university in Taichung. We have a weekly study group of people with a background in Chinese martial arts. There I teach the basics of longsword to anybody who is interested. We drill and spar in university rooms or in the park.

I have a steel sidesword brought back by a friend from the Czech Republic and a Cold Steel waster bought on-line. It is very difficult to get hold of HEMA specific gear like jackets or steel feders here. It was founded Free pussy in Agrinio or 3 years ago.

His favourite weapon system is German longsword. The club has a monthly meeting called EPW meeting, where they practice all weapons Couple looking for sex tonight in Miaoli katana and European swords. I take part whenever I can. I learned a lot from sparring there.

My study group is small, 5 people. There are about 10 training regularly in the club in Taipeh, but many just learn by themselves using internet videos, which is a pity. My friends welcome girls at training, because few women attend, and my parents support me.

Some male fencers will look down on me, and think that as a woman I am much weaker and easier to beat. I take this as a challenge to fight them. I like to test myself! The wrappenrock and pourpoint are made by Fuhlen Designs. Link to original post. Can you remember your initial sword class? What has led me here? This is not my first foray into the past. I am Prostitute in Lausanne medievalist.

Couple looking for sex tonight in Miaoli have spent a lot of time thinking about the past, thinking about Couple looking for sex tonight in Miaoli in medieval times, and thinking about the role s of women. While I have been focused on saints and nuns, other women have crossed my desk, and made me reconsider what women did in the past. Then I grew Couple looking for sex tonight in Miaoli, and dragons showed up less often.

I learnt that women are quiet, and kind, and do gentle things which involve working physically hard for most of the day — housework is not for the weak! And then, just by chance, I stumbled in to Medieval Studies, and my world view and expectations changed dramatically. I discovered saints, and suddenly female role models — women who got out there and changed the world — sprang into being.

At a small, local conference, I watched a fencing demonstration by a large fellow, who had been working through an Italian fencing manual from the 16th C, trying to put the descriptions and illustrations together into an actual movement.

Concurrent to my PhD, I discovered the joy of martial arts. Friends persuaded my to join them at their kick-boxing classes, and I started MMA. While it was a lot of hard work, I loved boxing, I loved hitting things and possibly peopleand the training was the first time I ever enjoyed any exercise other than swimming.

Then, as it often happens, life got in the way. I got lazy, spent a lot of time on the couch, and depression set in. So I joined the group, and watched, and drooled over swords, and saw all the competitions which are happening way over there, on the other side of the world.

I read through their pages, laughed through their FAQs, emailed their contact person, and so here I am, about to start a new section of a strange journey…. So we are outside, under floodlights. The instructor is the brother of the man whose demonstration I had seen. He shows us the sabres, the wooden practise swords, and then brings out more swords to show us the differences over time. This is a Viking-style sword, this is a short sword, Couple looking for sex tonight in Miaoli a sabre, and this a rapier.

We will go away and look things up afterwards, Couple looking for sex tonight in Miaoli in the mean-time we are handling swords! He makes us throw it out — snapping it straight in front of us, learning the play of the movement. And a third, across my body and aiming for the jaw.

Holding my arms up, at right angles to the shoulder, gets tiring after a while, but I have an advantage. Other times, my left is more on target — possibly better for fine work. And so begins a new chapter of my life.

So now we have the Highland Broadsword poster — which I think I will enlarge, laminate, and place on the wall outside, next to the bit of flat Couple looking for sex tonight in Miaoli we have.

Perhaps the sticks should be being waved lower for him. Perth, Western Australia, the second most isolated city on the planet. T-J Richardson tells her tale. I first got into HEMA around four years ago. We both thought only the UK, Europe and US had any real clubs, so we tried a bunch of martial arts, but never really settled. Then my friend found this group.

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