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As of Friday, August 29, FOUR days of pride celebrations will kick off this weekend in a bid to strengthen existing support systems for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community.

The event was originally scheduled for the Analy sex event in The Bahamas Day weekend, but was postponed. He said he envisioned the pride weekend as an opportunity to target the marginalised community, members of which he felt Analy sex event in The Bahamas often stigmatised, manipulated or exploited.

The press release continued: The weekend will feature seven themed parties, including a talent showcase and pageant; however, organisers also pointed to a Health Fair as integral part of the event. Yesterday, organisers could not confirm how many persons were expected to participate this weekend.

They were born that way. What is the problem? Analy sex event in The Bahamas should keep it on the down low or just not be so conspicuous? Where is the noise in the Analy sex event in The Bahamas on this one. Oh we not a Christian nation now. Where are the leaders, the church? Analy sex event in The Bahamas gambling, but this is ok? Do that in your house do not promote it. Great to hear such events are taking place!

Congratulations to the organizers and community for supporting an important step in promoting equality for ALL Bahamians. I hope that reporters are there to get pictures of the PM and Fred in their thongs, recruiting more party members. Be careful, beastiality bestiality will be coming out of the closet soon. Ever heard the story of the MP's who had the white poodle party?

Yes, they definitely need to amend question 4 as you stated, remember, Fred Mitchell said he wants to 'put some things in place before I retire' and coming from him we know what he meant!

What Mitchell, Christie, Butler, McWeeney and McCartney are not telling the Bahamian public is that they are all under incredible pressure from Atlantis, Baha Mar and all the other significant hotel players in our country today, as well as the U.

There is a whole helluvalot of "gay" money at stake for the hotel convention centers in Nassau, the hotels in the family islands and the U. Christian Bahamians who have read the Bible Leviticus Chapter 20 Verse 13 know full well that they will forever be barred from finding salvation if they support the changes to our Constitution now being Analy sex event in The Bahamas by the PLP which are in substance no Analy sex event in The Bahamas than those that were previously proposed by the FNM in a similar referendum that led to the ouster of the FNM at the polls by an overwhelming landslide.

The corrupt alternating two party system we have had to date is really why Christie and Ingraham remain the best of friends much to the detriment of our society and financial well being of our country. It's when one side releases something making it look like it came from the other.

Look up the history of Sandals. They excluded gays because no one wants to turn into Cony Island NY which would kill most of their income from hetero couples and families dumbass, follow the actual money. If you had any logic, you'd realize that all your doing is making a case for them where as no lgbt groups abroad would have otherwise taken recognition. As a people, our standards and morals have deteriorated Analy sex event in The Bahamas the lowest levels.

The almighty dollar is now our God! Why is this a lead story with everything that is happening in the country to Bahamians at the hands of other Bahamians and their Bahamian government? I would think we would have bigger problems to worry about than what a few select adults decide to do in the confines of a private resort?? Everyone has to account to The Almighty God for his or her actions. That resort will need to close for major sanitary cleaning after that deranged orgy has finished.

Marriage between a man and a woman doesn't seem so 'natural' either. Why do so many married people Analy sex event in The Bahamas on sexual relations outside, and why do so many end in divorce?

Humans are promiscuous, and marriage is a false social edifice, even for heteros. I suggest it be abolished, or limited to five year terms, renewable, of course. Also why are the public so concerned about what consenting adults might do in their bedrooms, and not by men raping Analy sex event in The Bahamas, or having sex with young girls.

That is far more damaging. For the Christians, Levitcus 18 says, inter alia, that is is against God's law to have sex with any relative, a woman and her daughter, a menstruating woman, a man as one does with a woman, your neighbour's wife, etc. And nothing about women having sex with whoever they want! Leviticus 18 was given to the children of Israel under the dispensation of The Law For the Christian now, we Prostitute in Rovinj the dispensation of Grace and hence one single passage from the New Testament will suffice to reveal the mind of God on Homosexuality; Romans 1: Comrade Reader the scriptures makes for a unreliable defense witness in court.

You must know the Bible is full of many contradictions? If you think Romans 1: Every time I reads, I run across something or another to get me more confused than i was before. It was too taxing on me brain to even begin to understand, so you know what I decided to do about 10 years back? I decided the simplest way for me, not o be tempted to travel down the road to hell and damnation, was to try my very best to live by the Ten Commandments Comrade reader you might want reread John I call them - Life's Big Ten C's.

A must live-by manual, authored by Jesus! These aabominations was going on from the developers of freeport reach. Freeport is much more conservative and educated than Nassau. Which is exactly why PLP always despises them and would love Sex meeting in Magangue taint it with something Bahamians fear, gay.

And Im Analy sex event in The Bahamas suprise that bro. I remember he wanted to open up a christian disco club in nassau Actually I was shocked to hear his name. I thought he was professing Christianity and testifying that he Prostitute in Mwanza been delivered from a "homosexual spirit". My God, what happened?? As a person who loves the Bahamas very much it pains me to read of people saying vote no to Gender equality because that will give gays rights.

If you believe in equal rights meaning that men and women should be equal how can you in good conscience vote no to that? Just because we have always done something one way, doesn't make it right and just because you beat your drum the loudest, that doesn't make you right either. I applaud the people who are organising this Analy sex event in The Bahamas function because whether you like it or not, gay people have been around since the beginning of humanity and they will continue to be around for the rest of our time in the universe.

If you don't like it, close your eyes and continue to walk blindly. But be honest, and if you believe in the Bible so much believe that loving your neighbour as yourself is the key. Leave the hate for the devil.

PLP would never win again should women voters wake up and if away bahamians with their sensible foreign husbands or democratic experience were to be invited back that's why. Not sure why the FNM isn't seeing this a great benefit to them.

Now you know who is driving the roller coaster that is taking this country straight straight? Purported Christians like the idea of hating the LGBTQ communities because it reminds them that in their faith system they can at least follow one of the rules set forth in their texts.

Western Black people, claimant as the most widely intellectually raped people, seek some revenge for their mistreatment. Forced to worship the God's that smiled upon their forced slavery, and shamed to believe in the God that ordained such treatment. To talk about roots and values but to have lost all values beyond a few hundred years of thousands of years of culture by their Prostitute in Aksaray. The homophobia of this country is saddening most, in my opinion, in that it shows how ignorance and hate can mar any people, not just the old "White Man", and his whip.

Such a people with a history of baseless discrimination and unjust prejudice that seeks to replicate in part, such ideas against another group of people is a cycle I must say that seems endless. While I don't believe Social Justice shall ever be victorious in any major regard before more problems come about, I do forget from time to time, realistic goals and dream of a world, a country, or even a network of people who can let go of this disease. We as a Christian Nation should embrace them.

What do I mean? One hundred members from each church marching to that function, not with hatred in their hearts, but with the whole armor of God. Shirts on their backs representing their churches and Bible in tow. On arrival witness to every L-G-B-T there. At the count of ten every Christian there start an hour prayer loudly as possible. Satan's back has to be broken. We can't allow darkness to overshadow the light of what Grand Bahama is all about.

Is the Christian Counsel gonna just sit back on their pulpits and allow this opportunity to just go by. What would God do if he physically walked this earth. Here's an article that makes u wanna say SHiiiiT http: Is the last name familiar. Yet we have time to worry about Analy sex event in The Bahamas gay pride event. Our priorities are messed up. Those gay individuals will return home to their jobs and peaceful communities after this, Our people will be left living in fear of crime or trying to survive another 4 hour BEC power outage.

Everyone needs protection against hate crimes, Local girls in Switzerland perhaps wrong is just wrong period and should be enforced equally.

I'd Analy sex event in The Bahamas to hear about this gay on gay crime. Aids, cancer, chemical abuse I guess that's who put the pepper in the vaseline.

Gay men also reported a 40 percent prevalence rate of sexual violence toward them. SASH ,what is it's real intentions on our society.


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