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The Jewish Floridian Physical Description: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami. Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: Dates or Sequential Designation: Record Information Source Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location. Related Items Related Items: Jewish Floridian of greater Ft. Jewish Floridian Palm Beach, Fla. Jewish Floridian of Tampa Preceded by: Jewish unity Preceded by: Jewish weekly Succeeded by: This item is only available as the following downloads: Related story, Page A.

He is latest denial during a ally televised debate with other Democratic Presi- dential aspirants here last Thursday night when the question was put to him by moderator Barbara Walters. Jackson said, "However in- nocent and unintended, it was insensitive and wrong" for him to have made a derogatory ethnic reference.

He said that off- color" remarks have no place in a political campaign. But many of the plus people who crowded into the small synagogue ap- peared dubious of Jackson s candor inasmuch as he waited more than a month to admit to the offensive remark and finally did so less than 48 hours before the nation's first Presidential primary.

Jackson, an ordained Baptist minister, explained that "When confronted by the charge, I hesitated. He compared his struggle over whether to admit or deny the charge to Jacob's wrestling with an angel. ALICE RIVLIN, a Democrat and former Congressional budget director, agreed, saying that Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem the deficit was not reduced and interest rates lowered, then even with economic growth the poorest people in the country will continue to suffer.

Dale, who is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, noted that the reductions will not please everyone. She called for holding Sen. Dole defense spending to a three percent increase in real terms.

She also urged an immediate tax In Italu surcharge but said what was eventually needed was a tax increase and a Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem, fairer and more efficient tax system.

Jacqueline Levine, who was reelected to a second one-year term as the NJCRAC s chair- person, said that during its four decades of existence the NJCRAC, which is the national coordinating and joint planning body for II national and III local Jewish community relations agencies, played a "vital role" in bringing about "revolutionary changes in the nature and character of American society.

The Concordat, signed by Premier Bettino Craxi, leader of the Socialist Party, and Cardinal Agostino Casaroli, the Vatican Secretary of State, establishes a clear demarcation between the temporal and religious powers of the Church and advances reli- gious pluralism in Italy. It is by and large a revision and updating of the Concordat signed between the Church and Mus- solini regime which formalized Roman Catholicism as the State religion. Under the new Concordat, this is no longer the case.

Catholic religious instruction is no longer compulsory in Italian public schools. Italian Protestants mostly Waldensian and Methodist signed revised agreements with the government this week. The Union of Italian Jewish Communities is lagging behind.

C, at the age of A prominent leader of the local and national Jewish commu- nities, Silberman held numerous high-ranking positions In the Greater Miami Jewish Prostitute in Shawinigan tion, local agencies and national organizations. He served as president of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation from tovice president of Federation from toand as general chairman of the Combined Jewish Appeal-Israel Emergency Fund Campaign.

Silberman waa serving as president of Bbw seeking friend maybe more in Evora at the time of his death, the American Jewish community's sole lob- bying organization dealing with issues pertaining to Israel.

Appointed to the position in May,during his tenure as president, the organization's membership grew percent and its visibility and impact Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem significantly. The latest talks, a resumption of their dialogue that was broken off last April, seem to have created sharp divisions among Palestinians on Women who wanna fuck in Liberia West Bank.

Some supporters of Arafat are said to be encouraging him to seek an arrangement whereby Hussein could speak for the Palestinians in peace talks with Israel. Opponents view the Hussein-Arafat meetings with suspicion.

A delegation of prominent West Bank leaders went to Amman over the weekend to lend moral support to the talks. They reportedly brought a document signed by West Bankers urging Arafat to agree to a joint course of action with Hussein. He evaded questions from reporters as to whether he would see Arafat.

Noting the Jewish commu- nity's commitment to "the strength of the American demo- cratic system," Levine cited its "singular contribution" in giving life to the First Amendment, to the principles of separation of church and state through legal briefs in the 's and 's that were adopted in Supreme Court decisions in the 's.

By the 's, when civil rights legislation had "changed the face of America," Levine noted, priorities were shifted.

But "as threats to our security as American Jews diminished, we were moved in new directions as a result Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem threats Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem the security of our fellow Jews abroad.

Jewish Gifts by Mail HamakorJudaica. It includes outstanding festival and ritual products, from limited edition menorahs to Jerusalem stone mezuzzahi. Be nice to yourself or find the ideal gift. Largest mail order selec- tion available. To receive catalog for Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem year and seasonal mailings, send us this Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem and J2.

The Source for Everything Jewish Dept. He has spoken recently of the need for Pales- tinians to enter a political dialogue with Israel. Ben-Elirzer said he hoped residents of the territories would realize that Israel can be their only negotiating partner in peace talks.

He claimed that most West Bankers were pessimistic over the outcome of the Hussein- Arafat meetings. Arafat sup- porters insisted that they were confident of a positive outcome. According to unconfirmed reports, Jordan and the PLO would initiate a new peace plan if and when they receive wider Arab support.

The failure of the Hussein- Arafat talks last April was attri- buted to pressure by Syria and Libyan-backed Palestinian rebels and greatly disappointed the Reagan Administration which had hoped for a breakthrough that would lead to resumption of the stalled autonomy talks.

Meanwhile, Jackson has refused to dissociate himself from the remarks made by Louis Farrakahn, described as the minister of the Nation of Islam who introduced Jackson last Saturday night at a rally of 10, persons at the annual Savior's Day event in Chicago. Farrakahn told the rally that there have been more than threats against Jackson's life.

You are attacking all of us If you harm this brotherl warn you in the name of Allah. He was quoui as saying, "Ask Farrakahn aboi his own introduction. It's worth medicine and medical supplies for indigent residents of the Miami Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged. Everything you donate to the Douglas Gardens Thrift Shops is tax-deductible. Of course, we will be glad to pick up your merchandise at your convenience.

A licensed appraiser is available upon request. Call the Douglas Gardens Thrift Shops-when you re-decorate your Tome, clean out your garage and straighten up your closets. Chairman of the Board Harold Beck. He J buried at Kibbutz ,r'a. Alongside were a Itol and a suicide note, tx- Icts from the note, which Libai Id to reporters, accused un- tied enemies of "drinking my lod drop-by-drop" for"more In a vear. The Cabinet was "eetingat the time.

The soldiers, paratroopers who Ive been in the same unit since ] Their findings Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem submitted to Attorney General Yitzhak Zamir who passed them on to the police. Only last week, the police set up a special team to continue the investigation. The police said it would go on despite Levinson's death. The charges against Levinson were leaked to the media and were published in the magazine Haolam Haze three months ago.

Subsequently, the bank manage- ment Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem that it was con- ducting an investigation. Communications Minister Mordecai Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem accused the media of building up the "Levin- son affair" before any deter- mination was made of Levinson's guilt or innocence. LABOR MK Uzi Bram, a close personal friend of Levinson, said he was convinced of his innocence and cited the suicide note which accused a "gang" within the bank management and Histadrut of hounding him with baseless allegations.

Levinson's lawyer, Libai, told reporters that he and another attorney had discussed the matter at great length with Levinson and had full reason to believe he was innocent.

Haolam Haze editor Uri Avneri said that he, too, had met with Levinson several weeks ago to discuss the charges but was not convinced by Levinson's explanations. Levinson is generally credited with having built up the Bank Hapoalim from a small insti- tution to one of the country's top banks, vying for first place with the Bank Leumi. According to press reports, the bank's investi- gators were looking into Levin- son's activities as a chairman of a company known as U.

Investments, incorporated in the State of Delaware inwhich may have caused a conflict of interests with his position at Bank Hapoalim. SinceBank Hapoalim was said to have Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem at least a third of its share of Ampal to another company con- trolled by a West German trade union's bank. In that same year. Bank Hapoalim began selling off a large part of its assets to Ampal. Within the next five years, Ampal was said to have bought up hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bank Hapoalim holdings in West Germany and in the Cayman Islands, a well known Caribbean tax shelter The lions share of the profits from these transactions went to Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem businessmen, ac- cording to the press accounte.

But according to Bram. He served as a director of the economic department of the Hevrat Haovdim, a holding company owned by Aff hillsborough writer girl in Jerusalem, and later as chairman of its executive committee. Haim Barlev, secretary general of the Labor Party, stressed that although Levinson had been a party member, the party was in no way involved with his per- sonal financial affairs.

Barlev apparently is trying to head off possible political use Slut in Firozabad the Levinson affair by the Likud government. Likud Party spokesmen have already de- manded an inquiry into a possible connection between Levinson's alleged offenses and what they claim to be improper practices by the Bank Hapoalim, Histadrut and the Labor Party.

Levinson was once suggested as a possible Finance Minister in the next Labor-led government. The media recalled the suicide several years ago of Avraham Ofer, a former Housing Minister in a Labor government, who killed himself under the shadow of alleged financial irregularities. Like Levinson, Ofer had been an official of the Hevrat Haovdim.

The meeting was the first of its kind ever held by the leader of a Likud government.


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